Beauty Haul April 2016

So this morning I decided to do something I was extremely nervous about… a live video on Facebook! πŸ™ˆ 

I have picked up quite a few bits over the last few weeks so I thought I’d show my choices in a haul video! I will not claim to be any ‘good’ at this, but I always personally prefer watching hauls rather than reading about them! I felt that because it was live, I could quite naturally talk about what I had bought, and also knowing that I couldn’t edit anything made me relax a little bit as well!

Nothing has been insanely expensive, all drugstore or eBay. 

I am tending to upload different things to my Facebook page and Instagram account, so be sure to follow me to keep up to date with everything I’m doing, I’d love to see you there too!

Enjoy! … 


Product empties #1 | The Beauty Spot


This post does exactly what it says on the tin! I have been hoarding a few empties for a while and was fed up of looking at the bag I was keeping them in, so what better excuse to do a post about them. This won’t be too much of an in depth review of each item, but a quick overview and then, what I like to call ‘The Crunch’ (would I repurchase?)! That’s all I ever want to know when I read Empties posts! So without further ado…

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