Smokey Eye Tutorial feat. Naked 2

*Edit* This has been sat in drafts for about 2 weeks! – Apologies for being on the QT recently! 

Hi everyone!
I’ve been a little lax on the blog post front recently – why change the habit of a lifetime! – but I have uploaded a smokey eye tutorial to the blog Facebook page this week! 

If you’re not following that page already, click through and make sure you are following as I ​​often upload different content to what’s ‘on the blog’! 

I hope you like the video, and please do leave any comments or pictures of your favourite smokey eyes either here or on the video! 😘 

Have a great weekend! xx


Choose My Look – The Smokey Eye: Jewel Colours

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you are all well.

I knew I wanted to do a short make up related post and while I was thinking what do I started daydreaming about what look I shall wear tonight when I go out with the girls. It then hit me like a lightbulb moment: you guys can help me choose! I know I want to do quite an intense smokey eye but I’m bored of using the same blacks, greys and taupes. I do love those shades but it’s nice to have change! So looking through my collection of shadows I found these 3 beauties and just couldn’t resist! They are those really beautiful jewel-like colours (juicy ruby reds, rich emerald greens and deep sapphire blues) which I think are quite versatile in terms of what skin and hair colours they suit.

(apologies for the picture, I wanted to get the real colours in the sun but it was almost too bright on my windowsill!)

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