The Winter Project | Christmas Accessories


Wow, week 5 already! I can’t believe how quick this project is going, scarily its only two weeks until the big day itself! I hope you have been enjoying my posts in this project, they are all linked on the Projects and Groups page at the top of my blog, go and check them out! You’ll also see the links to other things I’m involved with. ☺️

So this week is Christmas Accessories.  When I first started to think about this post, I was planning on getting out my favourite festive jewellery, then I had a thought – other things are accessorised over the festive period, so why not write about them.  So here it is, my favourite Christmas (Tree) Accessories! Continue reading “The Winter Project | Christmas Accessories”


WOMF: #3 | Nude eyes, bold lips


It’s a Sunday evening, I’m settling down to watch the mountain of tv on my Sky+ box that has just got bigger and bigger this week after some pretty long, late and busy days at work. However, I did manage to squeeze in a little trip to Selfridges today to make the most of the Christmas Comes Early event. Continue reading “WOMF: #3 | Nude eyes, bold lips”

What’s in my bag? #1 | The Beauty Spot




Hi guys!

I hinted that I had one of these posts up my sleeve on Instagram the other day, well here it is! I always enjoy watching videos and reading posts like this, so I thought I’d show what I lug around all day! I get quite bad knots on my right shoulder and I’m pretty sure I can blame them on this tonne of stuff that I carry around!

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The ‘C’ word(s) – Clarins at Christmas | The Beauty Spot

I’m a sucker for anything that can be classed as a ‘good deal’ – no I am not Del boy Trotter, just a girl who likes value for money. I always look forward to this time of year when many of the high end beauty companies launch their Christmas gift sets.  In my opinion some of the best are the Clarins core skincare sets.  They are a variation on a theme year in year out, but they always make great gifts either for yourself or to give away. I tend to think that a gift for myself is the best kind so I always treat myself to the Clarins Moisture Must- Haves gift set.


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