Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder – The Finishing Touch!






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Review: Loreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Range



First of all I’d like to say sorry for not posting over the last week! I was away for the weekend and have been been struck down by a darn cough/cold that will just not shift and is starting to annoy me! I’ve also been battling with bloggers block as I don’t have any pre drafted posts that I can upload when such times happen, so I’ve been trying to have a brainstorm so I can get back on it!
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Review: Loreal Paris Micellar Solution and Eye Makeup Remover



Sorry about the extended title, I usually keep them pretty short, but I can’t really shorten that!

If you have been around these parts for a while you may have seen me briefly talk about the Loreal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Solution in an empties post. In that post I did say that I wouldn’t repurchase and here I am with a brand new bottle (I’m so weak!).  Since then I’ve tried another two micellar waters and in general, they both did the job, but one smelt too strong and the other was too expensive for what I wanted to pay and for the size of the bottle. So I’m back to the trusty Loreal.

It really is a great product for lazy night time removal (don’t kill me!) or a pre cleanse to a face wash or cleansing balm.  I don’t ever use this to remove my eye makeup as it really doesn’t do much to budge it.  It doesn’t really have a smell per se, which sometimes bothers me as I like things to smell nice, but, I suppose the fact that they haven’t added ‘parfum’ means they’ve drastically cut down on the potential ingredients, meaning its better for the skin.

I love the ease of this cleanser.  Easy to pick up in store and I know it will be effective and not give me any sort of irritation.  It’s also great to know it can be grabbed for a night or weekend away, or put in your beach bag for daytime refreshing of skin on the beach! For the price you really can’t go wrong! I can’t compare it to Bioderma as I have never used it, but if you go on what every other blogger says about this, then it’s a total dupe!

The Eye Makeup Remover was a bit of a chance purchase. I had seen Lily Melrose claim that this was a dupe for the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover, I thought ‘How could it be?!’, but decided to give it a whirl for myself. Previously I had been enjoying a Garnier one which I really love and do feel that is very similar to Clarins.

Anyway, I digress! I like the packaging of this remover, it’s small and compact, but I do find the lid gives me the same problem as the Micellar Solution. I get some wastage every time I pour the product on a cotton pad. I also find that it separates almost too quickly to use it. I hate to have a bi-phase product where you end up using the top layer more just because it doesn’t mix properly. And for me, this is where it differs to Clarins, because that mixes really well.

In terms of result, the Eye Makeup Remover is effective and gentle on the area. I do have to let it soak on the ye for a little loner or go over a few times to remove that pesky Benefit They’re Real, but that mascara is a good test for eye makeup removers. I find all bi-phase removers will leave some sort of residue on the eye area, but I am usually removing my eyes (!) first so I wall always go over with a cleanser or micellar anyway which would remove any left over product.

All in all, I like both of these products.  I think next time I’m in the market for these products I’ll give the Garnier micellar water a try – the lid looks better than this one and I think the bottle is larger for a similar price. And I’ll probably go back to the Garnier eye makeup remover that I’ve had before – again mainly due to size of bottle vs this one and price point.

What do you think of these products? How do they compare to things you have tried before?


Review: Benefit They’re Real Mascara



I’m sure most of you have at least heard of Benefit They’re Real Mascara. It’s hard to have missed it recently, being one of the best selling mascaras in the country!  I picked it up in my recent Boots Haul and have been using it ever since!

I’d say mascara is one of my desert island items and is something I just cannot leave the house without. I haven’t purchased anything from Benefit before so this was a bit of whim mainly because I just kept seeing it everywhere! There were definitely signs telling me to buy it!

I have pretty good lashes but they are dark for about 2/3 of the length but very blonde at the tips, so, when I put mascara it makes a huge difference.  Having used one particular mascara for a few years I’ve been recently trying out different ones to see if they can beat it.

The thing thats great about this mascara is that it literally does not budge! If your eyes water, or you just find that mascara doesn’t last on you, give this a go! It takes me aaaages to get this off.  I sometimes feel that I’m taking too long to remove it and that I’m rubbing my eyes a bit much! But I have absolutely no concerns that by the end of the day nothing will have dropped off my lashes onto my face!

The wand is plastic with a little ball like tip at the end which is perfect for building volume at the outer corners or getting those pesky bottom lashes just right.  I do feel that the plastic is a little sharp though.  Is it just me?! I just feel that when I’m applying and getting right to the roots I can feel the plastic spearing my lash line.  Its more of a slight discomfort while applying than anything sinister but it’s just something I’ve noticed since using it.

The formula seems to be packed with fibres as thats what I see when I’m removing it at the end of the day.  This will be one of the reason why it give such good length and volume to lashes.  I am also a fan of using a white mascara base to build my lashes even more (my HG is Lancome Cils Booster; shamazing!) and with They’re Real on top you’ve got a whole lotta volume! Someone at work actually noticed I was wearing a different mascara to normal when I first wore this.

In terms of my mascara wardrobe I think this will make the cut! I like may lashes to look pretty full packed of volume all the time, so this will definitely stay in my collection.  I’m not sure if I ran out that I’d buy it immediately, but I would definitely repurchase at some point.

Have you tried this mascara before? What do you think? Whats your HG mascara?

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | The Foundation Diaries



So here we have it, the ‘daddy’ of full coverage foundation! I remember pinching my Mom’s bottle of this when I was younger and feeling really grown up, the colour I’m sure was awful and it probably looked very unnatural on a 15/16 year old girl!

This is classed as a medium buildable coverage foundation by Estee Lauder, and I think maybe if I really knew this before using it I may have understood why the first application wasn’t a full as I was expecting.  Whenever anyone talks about a full coverage foundation, everyone always mentions “Double Wear”, so when my first application was a slightly disappointing (almost watery) finish, not covering my blemishes, I was a bit let down.  I’m happy to build my foundation, but having seen Double Wear on many peoples skin (you can always tell if its Double Wear!) I presumed it was full coverage right from the get go!

It gives a semi matte finish, so probably better for a combination or oily skin type.  I think due to the major staying power of this foundation, again it would suit an oilier skin because it definitely will not slide away during the day! In hindsight, I don’t think my skin is the right type to wear this foundation.  I have the blemishes and scarring for it cover, but my skin is actually on the dry side and always dehydrated. Despite my skin being like this, I do much prefer a semi matte finish on all of my foundations.

Unfortunately my skin really did not agree with Double Wear.  I wore it for a few days and liked the staying power but I was convinced I was getting more spots after I had worn it.  So I gave it a break and didn’t wear it for about two weeks and let my skin calm down. I then wore it again for a night out, I swear it was on my skin for about 5 hours and when I got home I had 3 under the skin, bruise-like spots on my face that I didn’t have at at the beginning of the night! There must be something in it that just doesn’t agree with me.

One other thing that puts me off this foundation is also the smell.  Its very similar to MAC Studio Fix, which I thought smelt like children’s paint.  The other foundations I’ve reviewed this week all have quite pleasant smells, I’m a bit of a sucker if something smells nice.

This is another one without a pump when its purchased.  But you eagle eyed beauty lovers may spot that my picture shows this with a MAC pump.  So if you purchase this and want a pump and have a spare MAC one lying around, you’re sorted!

All in all I don’t hate this foundation, but similar to the Rimmel one, I find that the NARS and Clarins ones work for me much better.

At a glance (marked out of 5)
Shade choice 5 (the best this week)
Coverage 4
Staying power 4.5
Texture & finish 3.5
TOTAL 16.5/20

Have you used Double Wear? What are your thoughts?