13 loves from 2013

I didn’t do a November favourites because there wasn’t anything in particular that I had loved that I hadn’t already loved in October. I only started blogging in October so I was dead excited to do my first ‘favourites’ post, but I had already made a decision not to do them monthly if I was forcing myself to include things. November didn’t really bring me anything new, but I feel a little annual round up is a good way to bring in the New Year.

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The Winter Project | Christmas Outfit of the Day


It’s the final week of The Winter Project and that can only mean… IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! I am currently manically wrapping my last few gifts while trying to apply my red lippie to get the pub for a decent time before it gets too busy! It’s tradition in my town to go to local pub and catch up with old school friends while drinking mulled wine and singing Christmas choons! Continue reading “The Winter Project | Christmas Outfit of the Day”


This is my first outfit of the day! Yay for me! I have wanted to do a few of these but I’m rarely at home when someone can take my picture, so I’ve had to improvise with this and find ways to take my own picture without a timer camera!

The outfit is very much high street, and some/most are items that feature in my haul post from earlier this week. I don’t get chance to do many of these, especially as I spend most of my time in a uniform for work (nothing new about black trousers and a white T-shirt!), but I bought a few things at the weekend and I really wanted to try them out and here is my first attempt! I’ve taken a leaf out of Barbara’s (from The Persian Babe) book and gone for some slightly larger sizes in some items so that I’ve got some oversized jumpers to snuggle in over the winter!




Like I said, I’ve struggled to get a good head-to-toe, but I’m sure you get the idea!

necklace: Topshop

jumper: Primark

jersey (underneath jumper): Primark (it’s actually a long sleeved crop top)

skirt: H&M

tights: Primark

shoe boots: Primark (mentioned here and here)

I hope you liked my first OOTD!

See you all soon!

Nina x

I’ve got the love: Primark | British Blogger Selection

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Primark over the years. I remember when I was 12 and was getting ready to go on a school activity trip to Wales (gorge walking, rock climbing orienteering and such like) and my Mom had gone and bought me a load of Primark joggers and casual sporty stuff for me to take and to not worry about ruining when doing the activities. I was mortified!! I knew that everyone else would be in their Kappa and Adidas ‘popper’ trackies and I totally didn’t want to be the one in Primark own brand sportswear! In the end I think in conceded and took the stuff with me, but I remember not being happy about it.

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