Brush Cleaning 101

So, I recently shared my five favourite brushes, today I’m going to show you how I clean my brushes.  

Keeping your brushes nice and clean will prolong their lifespan (assuming you clean them correctly!) and make them work much better for you when you use them!

There are many brush cleaning products on the market now, but what I am currently using is an Asda shampoo! It makes the brushes smell gorgeous and does work extremely well. You can also use baby shampoo, solid brush cleaning soaps and many other products specifically for brush cleaning. 

(1. Blob some shampoo into the palm of your hand. // 2. Wet the bristles of the brush with warm water. // 3. Swirl your brush in the shampoo to dissolve makeup. // 4. Squeeze out excess water and makeup. 5. // Repeat as necessary until shampoo is foaming and clean. // 6. Remove all shampoo and squeeze excess water out of bristles. Re shape and place on a towel to air dry overnight.)

Personally, I think this is the most effective way of cleaning brushes and ensuring everything is removed. The only thing I would alter in the future is the product I used to wash the brushes in, but this shampoo does work well to break down the makeup in the brushes.  It’s always worth mentioning that the soap and hot water shouldn’t get to the the base of the bristles as the glue that holds them together can become dislodged and softened; which will eventually shed the bristles and ruin the brush. Always hold the brushes vertically – bristles down – and dry them horizontal on a towel over night. 

I spent years cleaning my brushes with just my hands and using them to get all the product out and finishing an hour later with the most prune like hands ever! Until… A friend of mine from Estee Lauder (Emma) dropped the best tip ever on my Facebook page – wear washing up gloves! It’s genius! The texture of the gloves really helps to work the makeup off the bristles, and your hand doesn’t get all manky from all the warm water constantly running! 

I’d recommend this is done once a week and then spray your brushes inbetween uses with a brush cleaning spray to maintain their ‘clean’! I am currently using the Primark one, which I’m not sure is that good, but is doing the job at the moment. MAC, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Real Techniques and many other brush companies all do their own brush cleaner, plenty to choose from! 

One of the problems with people thinking brushes ‘don’t work’ is that they aren’t washed often enough, so I hope this has been useful! 

When was the last time you washed your brushes?


5 Makeup Brushes Every Girl Needs 

A hairdresser would never be without their scissors, and I for one could not be without my makeup brushes! 

Whilst working on counter I would often be asked ‘why do you use a brush, what’s the point ?’ Well, in short, you get better application, a smoother finish and more control. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need a whole load of brushes (promise I don’t! 🙈) for average makeup use, but it is extremely handy to have a collection of brushes that work well for you that you are confident in using that will make you’re makeup look amazing! 

Here are my picks of brushes I cannot live without!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

If I had to have a desert island brush, this would be it! I started using this not long after it was released around 3 or 4 years ago and have never looked back where foundation application is concerned! 

I use it for Double Wear, lighter foundations and BB creams alike and it will continuously give such an amazing finish I will never be without! (I currently have three!)

You can get a gorgeous light ‘buffed’ look with it, but you can also stipple the brush to build coverage – this is especially good where Double Wear is concerned! The thing I love about it is that it gives such quick application. It has quite a wide dense set of bristles so application can be as quick or detailed as you like! 

*Buffing Brush is part of a 4 piece set £21

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Another RT brush, again for good reason! 

I simply use this every day for my blush and highlight. It’s the perfect size so doesn’t leave me with a streaky line that some smaller brushes can, and it’s not too big that I’m covered in blusher on my entire face! 

And similar to the 217, the way the bristles are shaped means that the product is only picked up on the top, so the bristles around the edge will blend everything out really softly. Extremely foolproof!

Real Techniques Powder Brush

You will see I’m a big fan of RT brushes, but they really are amazing! This brush is what I use for loose powder to fix my makeup in place. I know I could use something more delicate, but again I like the size, and picks up just enough product to apply without leaving you ‘powdered’! 

It’s a great one for bronzer too, used in sweeping motions around your temples to under your cheekbones and jawline. Because of its size, the outer bristles will buff and soften any excess application and do the job for you – easy peasy!

MAC 217

I only have a couple of MAC brushes, but this is my fave! It’s perfect for socket and crease work on the eyes. 

It fits perfectly in the socket line, and you can use with product on for a subtle smoke, or without product to blend out excess that you may have already applied. It’s so soft, and because the bristles are white you can see how much product you’ve got on the brush. 

My Mystery Brush

I have to include this brush, but unfortunately I don’t know what it’s called, who it’s by or where it’s from! 

I’ve had it in my collection forever and it doesn’t have any distinctive markings to help know what it is! All I know is that it’s perfect for a sublime smudge of eye liner pencil, and to soften eyeshadow under they eyes. It seems to give the perfect smoke for lower lash line, and I will often use it purely for that! 

But if you like a nice softly smudged eye pencil and a slick of mascara for every day, this brush is brill! 

I would say a ‘pencil’ shading brush would be the best type to look for if you’re looking for something that will give a similar effect to what I get with this one. 

I hope you’ve found this useful, I’ve had quite a few people ask about the brushes I used in one of my live videos of Facebook so thought this would be a good idea! 

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A lipstick rediscovery: MAC Vegas Volt

Well, I’ve made it to the end of the first week in my new job – hurrah!  I think this will have been the lifestyle choice I have been needing to make for a long time! 

Starting a new job means I can wear whatever makeup I want every day – hurrah! – and in my first week I have rediscovered a lipstick that I’ve had for years and have totally fallen in love! 

MAC VEGAS VOLT is a gorgeous springtime shade of coral orange. The formula is dreamy, so creamy and comfortable to wear and lasted a good few hours on me, even without lip liner. The swatch on my hand definitely makes it look more orange, but you can see what it was like on me in the top image. 

It’s the perfect pick me up to these weird Spring days (snow??!!) we seem to be having in the UK!  I for one will be wearing a lot more of this and shall definitely shop my stash again, I’m sure there’s some real gems hiding in there somewhere! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Beauty Haul April 2016

So this morning I decided to do something I was extremely nervous about… a live video on Facebook! 🙈 

I have picked up quite a few bits over the last few weeks so I thought I’d show my choices in a haul video! I will not claim to be any ‘good’ at this, but I always personally prefer watching hauls rather than reading about them! I felt that because it was live, I could quite naturally talk about what I had bought, and also knowing that I couldn’t edit anything made me relax a little bit as well!

Nothing has been insanely expensive, all drugstore or eBay. 

I am tending to upload different things to my Facebook page and Instagram account, so be sure to follow me to keep up to date with everything I’m doing, I’d love to see you there too!

Enjoy! … 

Lipsticks: The Nude Collection

 If you ever took a look at my makeup collection, the one thing you would notice is how many ‘pink-nude’ lipsticks I own! I just can’t help myself! 

As much as I love a bright lip now and again, I always find them hard to maintain throughout the day, so I opt for something that wouldn’t look too obvious if it started to wear off. 

Having said that I have also discovered the power of lip liner in recent months, and although I always thought they were a slightly dated makeup product, I wouldn’t be without them now! 

Below is my collection of ‘nudes’! If you would like a more detailed review of any of the lipsticks, just pop me a comment below and I’ll get it done! 


I’d love to know what your fave lipsticks are, comment below – sharing is caring! 😁