My Acne Journey: How I cover my scarring and redness

After my first post about the troubles I’ve had with acne, and the hyper pigmentation it has caused, it was suggested that I do a post about how I cover my skin, makeup-wise. I had planned to do it anyway, as being able to cover my skin makes me so much more comfortable about my skin, but really, I like applying makeup and taking time to do it. With the fame that the ‘no makeup selfie’ has amassed and an article recently on Mail Online, I felt it was a good time to do this post.
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How to: The cat flick without liquid liner

Just a quick pic by pic illustration of how I achieve the cat flick look without the aid of a safety net … liquid liner!

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The Winter Project | Festive Makeup Picks


So Christmas is only a week away! I’m seeing a lot of people panic buying and getting very stressed about the whole situation! Me? I like to stand back and watch it all, preferably with a glass of something alcoholic(!) and not worry too much if I haven’t managed to get everything. As long as you enjoy what time off you have with your loved ones, what’s the big stress?! Continue reading “The Winter Project | Festive Makeup Picks”

What’s on my face? #2 Night Out Edit


So last week I asked for your help to choose my eye makeup for a night out. I did the same look when I was away over the weekend, so I took a couple of pictures to show you how it looked when done properly!

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TAG: Why do you wear make up? | The Beauty Spot

I saw this as a video on Alix’s YouTube channel (I covet thee) from last year , I like to see where people began with their channels and blogs (yes, because I am nosey!) and came across this. Like the previous tag I did, I haven’t been tagged but I thought it was a pretty good one to do and I’ve had a really busy weekend at work with some late nights and long commutes, so I just wanted to do a pretty simple post so that I didn’t leave it too long before the next one. It’s getting to the busiest time of year for me, work wise, so I will be scheduling some posts so that I don’t get out of the habit of blogging when I’ve only just started! Anyway, on with what this is supposed to be all about…!

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