Additions to my MAC collection


I am jetting off on my holidays in a couple of weeks, and naturally, I needed a couple of lipsticks to take with me! I also ‘needed’ a highlighter,  (I have a perfectly good Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick!) so I thought I’d show you what I’ve gone for on this occasion.  Continue reading “Additions to my MAC collection”


Bookworms! I need you!

image courtesy of Google Images
image courtesy of Google Images

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is the hours a day I know I’ll be able to spend reading! I commute around 2 hours per day but I still don’t find time to get really stuck into a book.  Sometimes i’m in the mood, some I’m not and I think once you’ve relayed you’ve started a book three times in the last month, its time to give up the ghost!

So anyway, the point of this little chit chat, is to ask you gorgeous people for some book recommendations.  I gave myself a challenge in my 2014 Goals and Resolutions to read 20 books this year and I need to get a move on! Ordinarily I read crime thrillers and chick lit type books.  I do want to broaden my literary library, but I’m pretty sure I won’t like fantasy stuff or anything vampire related. I have read some autobiographies before, but would like to read something a little more insightful than Cheryl Cole or one of the TOWIE cast. (Don’t get me wrong, I love TOWIE, but I’m not sure I could read a book about their lives!) I’m also partial to a bit of Jackie Collins on holiday (naughty!) so something on lines would be good fun too!

I am going on holiday in February and would like a couple to get me started! So If you think you can give me a book to read then please leave me a comment below!

Nina xx