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Simple post on what I’m wearing today.  It’s my day off from work and I sometimes try to experiment with my makeup a little more as I can usually spend a bit more time on it.  Its these days that I try out new products and if I do like them I will then test them on a full day at work as that gives me a good idea on longevity of a product.

I always go for comfort on a day off, if I actually leave the house I’m usually sporting my A&F Super Skinny Jeans and a slouchy H&M t shirt – I just can’t get enough of them! Today I’ve paired these with my Primark black ankle boots and my faux leather jacket and a plain black pashmina scarf.

Makeup wise I’ve kept it pretty low key on eyes with a super bold red lip.  My all time favourite foundation Clarins Everlasting (review) then just a wash of MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork followed by Benefit They’re Real Mascara on the eyes; Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud and Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang on the lips. It is the brightest glossiest lip product I own I think! This is its first outing so I’m looking forward to comparing it to my other lip products.

Hope you’re all having a good day!


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | The Foundation Diaries



So here we have it, the ‘daddy’ of full coverage foundation! I remember pinching my Mom’s bottle of this when I was younger and feeling really grown up, the colour I’m sure was awful and it probably looked very unnatural on a 15/16 year old girl!

This is classed as a medium buildable coverage foundation by Estee Lauder, and I think maybe if I really knew this before using it I may have understood why the first application wasn’t a full as I was expecting.  Whenever anyone talks about a full coverage foundation, everyone always mentions “Double Wear”, so when my first application was a slightly disappointing (almost watery) finish, not covering my blemishes, I was a bit let down.  I’m happy to build my foundation, but having seen Double Wear on many peoples skin (you can always tell if its Double Wear!) I presumed it was full coverage right from the get go!

It gives a semi matte finish, so probably better for a combination or oily skin type.  I think due to the major staying power of this foundation, again it would suit an oilier skin because it definitely will not slide away during the day! In hindsight, I don’t think my skin is the right type to wear this foundation.  I have the blemishes and scarring for it cover, but my skin is actually on the dry side and always dehydrated. Despite my skin being like this, I do much prefer a semi matte finish on all of my foundations.

Unfortunately my skin really did not agree with Double Wear.  I wore it for a few days and liked the staying power but I was convinced I was getting more spots after I had worn it.  So I gave it a break and didn’t wear it for about two weeks and let my skin calm down. I then wore it again for a night out, I swear it was on my skin for about 5 hours and when I got home I had 3 under the skin, bruise-like spots on my face that I didn’t have at at the beginning of the night! There must be something in it that just doesn’t agree with me.

One other thing that puts me off this foundation is also the smell.  Its very similar to MAC Studio Fix, which I thought smelt like children’s paint.  The other foundations I’ve reviewed this week all have quite pleasant smells, I’m a bit of a sucker if something smells nice.

This is another one without a pump when its purchased.  But you eagle eyed beauty lovers may spot that my picture shows this with a MAC pump.  So if you purchase this and want a pump and have a spare MAC one lying around, you’re sorted!

All in all I don’t hate this foundation, but similar to the Rimmel one, I find that the NARS and Clarins ones work for me much better.

At a glance (marked out of 5)
Shade choice 5 (the best this week)
Coverage 4
Staying power 4.5
Texture & finish 3.5
TOTAL 16.5/20

Have you used Double Wear? What are your thoughts?

Smashbox High Definition Foundation | The Foundation Diaries




This is now the 4th foundation I’ve reviewed in as many days! Phew!

Smashbox is a brand I hadn’t really come across before, mainly because there aren’t many counters around where I live.  But I managed to pick up this foundation in a complexion kit a few months ago.  This is the ‘light’ shade which is actually fairly dark so I’d just say to be careful when picking colours with this one, especially if your going on a whim without seeing the colour.  This would be my perfect shade with fake tan on, or to mix with other lighter foundations in the summer.

It’s a thick creamy texture which doesn’t slide or move when put on the back of my hand to then use with my buffing brush.  The instant coverage is probably the best of all 5 foundations this week.  I didn’t use much product on my brush and got an amazing first layer. However, I would say I felt like this foundation felt a little ‘mask-like’ when it had been on my skin for a few minutes.

The staying power was ok, but I wouldn’t rave about it. To touch it felt a little bit like the Rimmel one does, slightly tacky.

The colour range of this foundation is fairly limited, more like a drugstore offering IMO. And the shades they have seem to be mostly yellow based (which is ok for me, but not everyone) with just one very dark shade, presumably for Asian skin tones.

The one thing I do like about this is the pump action packaging. Obviously many foundations come with a pump, but this seems to have the system that pushes from the bottom too so that you literally get every last drop out. It’s also very light and compact so even the full size is fine to take away for holidays or weekends away.

I feel this has been a slightly negative review, but some of that could be that this colour is just not right for me at the moment. I will be taking this on holiday with me in February so my opinion may change slightly. I will say though I’ve been using the concealer to match this foundation and it’s brilliant! Absolutely brilliant coverage!

At a glance (marked out of 5)
Shade choice 3
Coverage 4.5
Staying power 4
Texture & finish 4.5
TOTAL 16/20

Has anyone else tried any Smashbox products? What are your recommendations?

Clarins Everlasting Foundation | The Foundation Diaries



I have to start this one off with how underrated I feel this foundation is. This is my ultimate Holy Grail foundation.

I was hoping that that would be enough of a post, but that’s not exactly a ‘review’ is it!

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation | The Foundation Diaries



This was my first foray into drugstore foundation since I was a teenager. Many of the bloggers I follow rave about drugstore foundation (Wake Me Up, Happy Light, Healthy Mix Serum), but when I went to check them out I found that almost all of them are very light coverage and fairly dewy finishes.
I was back to square one in finding one to go for.

After a fairly lengthy time I found this one. I had already had the Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation in my basket but realised that this colour would match better, so it got swapped out.

The colour range if this foundation was average at best. I find that even some of the lightest shades are too warm and they oxidise quite easily on the skin making them go darker and often leaving tide lines on your face. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the finish of this foundation. I definitely don’t get as much coverage from my first application; in fact, it almost feels slightly watery when I apply it. I definitely have to build the coverage on this one, but in general once I have got that desired coverage it’s pretty long lasting. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t tested out the 25hr claim but, like the NARS, it lasted a busy day at work.

One thing I would say about this is that although it seemed to give me a semi matte finish and then I followed with a loose powder, my skin always felt quite tacky if I happened to touch it during the day. This made me wonder how it was actually staying in place because it felt like it would just slide away. But even so, it did still last all day, only wearing very slightly on my chin.

I don’t have any other drugstore foundations to compare to this to in terms of quality of the same type and finish of foundation, and this hasn’t set my world alight enough to make me switch from my high end foundations on a regular basis. I just don’t feel that drugstore can live up to the same quality of finish and texture as my experience with high end brands. Having said that, I have seen two blog posts recently about other medium/full coverage drugstore foundations that I’d like to try and hopefully I will be more impressed with those.

I hope this doesn’t sound like an all bad review, because it’s not meant to be, I’m just very hard to convince when things come up against my high end favourites!

At a glance (marked out of 5)
Shade choice 3
Coverage 4
Staying power 4
Texture & finish 3.5
TOTAL 14.5/20

Has anyone used this foundation? What did you think? If you can recommend some other drugstore foundations with this kind of coverage I’d love to hear them!