H&M Boots: Head over heels




A short post today showing the love for a most impulse of purchases; these gorgeous H&M shoe boots! I literally saw them and was like: I need those on my feet…now! For £30 I think I’ve had a real bargain!

I wore them last night for my Valentines date with black skinny jeans and a slouchy black sweater. A really simple outfit but I think the boots did the talking!

I’m not going to sit here and say they are comfy – they’re not! – but they do look great! They are higher than they looked when I bought them so definitely not a ‘walking’ ahem, boot. More of a ‘dinner and cocktails sitting down and being chauffeured home’ boot.

They will need some breaking in, as the zip section at the back slightly rubbed my ankle, but what shoes are comfy on first wear! They’re a suede-like material which looks great quality and I love the gold hard wear to just break up the black a little. I really loved wearing them and they’re a great alternative for me as I always wear court shoe type heels for evenings out, but these kind of have a casual edge while still giving me the confidence that heels do!

I’ve never bought shoes or boots from H&M so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these hiding on a top shelf! I do think they are upping their game in the shoe department though, the store I went in seems to be extending their footwear offerings all the time! Winner!

I’m just wondering how else I could style these boots. I’m not hugely adventurous as I feel so at home with my skinny jeans and blouses or nice sweaters! If you’ve got any suggestions leave them below!

What do you think?


A/W 13: For the love of boots!


Some of you may think I mean Boots the Chemist from the title of this, but no! I am proclaiming my love for the ankle boot. An item that has remained firmly out of my footwear collection for many years because I thought they looked ridiculous. Roll on Autumn this year and I just can’t get the damn things off my feet!

I am currently the proud owner of three pairs of such boots, none of which set me back more than £25. A real bargain, I think you’ll agree! The main reason I didn’t want to spend too much was because I didn’t know if I’d actually wear them. In that situation I will always turn to Primark, or the the like, to buy a cheap version, then if I like what I bought I may seek out a better quality alternative.

I always struggle in winter (autumn, and even spring, this year) to remove my beloved Uggs (I’m on my third pair and would always recommend to anyone even for the hefty price tag!), so finding some warm-ish and stylish winter alternatives is a dream for me! I also feel that little bit more dressed up when I’m not in Uggs, so it means I can go for dinner in my ankles boots, shop and even go to the good old English pub!



You will have seen the black wedge pair (Primark) in my October Favourites and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the tan pair (New Look) on there a couple of weeks ago. Both of these pairs have been test driven walking around London and I have to say they are very comfortable! The third pair are another Primark number. I just really liked the lower heel and gold detailing. These ones aren’t a particularly soft material (pretty sure they’re not leather) so the first couple of times I wore them, my ankle was a bit sore at the front. But after a few wears they will no doubt soften in anyway.

I’m very much a skinny jeans and casual tshirt kinda gal so all of these boots go really well. But I did purchase a faux leather tshirt dress from Primark a couple of weeks ago and really like that with an oversized chunky knit cardigan and the black wedged boots. But other than that I’m not especially adventurous with daytime fashion.

What have you delved into in the fashion or beauty stakes this year?