My Acne Journey: The Routine







I got some really good feedback from my Acne Journey post last week, so I thought I’d show you exactly what I’ve been using and doing in order to improve the state of my skin.

My favourite cleanser to remove makeup is Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with cottonseed. I’ve used this for years and it just gets rid of everything!! I use this as a my main first cleanse to remove my makeup at night. It’s soft on my skin but just dissolves makeup so easily, I couldn’t be without!
One of the main changes to my routine was using a cleansing balm. Both of the ones I’ve used are organic and just give me that extra deep clean feeling afterwards. I’ve used the Jennifer Young Improve and Remove Cleansing Balm, and a DIY one. I’ve found that massaging these into dry skin after my first cleanse seems to work wonders. For one thing it relaxes me before going to bed, but my skin feels soothed and rejuvenated by just a 5 minute massage!
I saw the DIY Cleansing Balm on Gemsmaquillage a while ago. Click the link to see how to make it.

I’m not great with toner, but again I’ve been using the Jennifer Young Facial Spritz after my cleanse. It instantly refreshes my skin and preps it for whatever I use next.

For the morning I like moisture, so I reach for the Clarins HydraQuench Bi Phase Serum. So light, but so powerful and effective for dehydrated skin! Although I have acne, my skin is definitely dry/dehydrated so getting water and moisture into my skin is a priority!
For evening, I’ve been loving the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair 2. A tiny drop of this and I’m warding off any early signs if ageing as well as intensively hydrating and repairing my skin!

For morning, I follow my Clarins serum with the Clarins HydraQuench Cream. This range is all about boosting water levels, so even if your skin is oily, you can use this range. You just need the right texture. The cream is for a normal/dry skin. It sinks into my skin so quickly, and instantly feels comfortable and ready for primer or foundation.
For night I’ve been using a slightly richer formula, the Jennifer Young Improve and Remove Moisuriser. This one can be used for daytime too, I just find it’s slightly too rich. However, it’s perfect for nighttime. It smells like a spa and just relaxes me before bed!

I try not to over exfoliate my skin, but I’m aware that it improves the results of all other products you use so try to do it around twice per week (oily skin should only really need it once). I flit between a chemical exfoliant, Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner, and a manual scrub, Clarins Gentle Refiner. I sometimes even mix a little of both of these products at the same time, as they do a similar thing in their TriActive Facials.

I have recently been using the Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Clay Mask once per week. It literally feels like it’s drawing everything bad out of your skin. Although, I don’t really like how my skin feels after using it, so I whack on some Clarins (surprise surprise!) HydraQuench Cream Mask. This again just gets more moisture into my skin.

I feel that routine in itself is what has helped my skin so this is the basics of what I do:
Evening – Double cleanse, toner, eye cream, serum, moisturiser
Morning – Single cleanse with cleansing balm, toner, eye cream, serum, moisturiser
Twice per week (usually at night)  Double cleanse, exfoliate, mask x2, eye cream, serum, moisturiser.

I have also kept these products for a good few months. I’ve not been chopping and changing what I use, which I also think has helped.  My skin is settled into this little routine and it seems happy with it, so I’ll be sticking with it for a while.  The only thing I’d really like to try is the Alpha H Liquid Gold. Anyone tried it?

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TAG: Salon vs DIY

So I was thinking the other day, I’m a pretty nosey person, and I’d be interested to see how much of our beauty routines us bloggers actually do ourselves. So I’ve come up with a new Tag for us to do! All you have to do is say whether you DIY or go to the salon the treatment in question!

Please comment/link/tweet your reply and also link this post at the top of your Tag!

Hair cut and colour? ALWAYS salon! I’ve had my hair professionally coloured for as long as I can remember and would always go to the salon. I know box colours have come a long way recently, but basically I don’t trust myself to do it! Although having my hair done does become expensive, I only go about 3-4 times per year, and sometimes less than that if my hair is particularly long.

Massage This is definitely a treat so I would either have this as a gift or during a spa day. (For the record, I don’t go on spa days all the time! Very little actually!)

Facial I love a real salon facial but again this would be treat now and again. I often do myself a DIY Facial but DIY is never as good as a full 80 minute one!

Waxing For me this is a bit of both. Depending on the area I DIY. I am religious about booking my bikini wax though, so I always go to a salon for that. Legs and underarms I DIY, meaning I can keep on top of it more easily and probably saves me about £40 per month! #winner

Self Tanning I’m not a sunbed user, and never will be (I’d rather carry a Mulberry bag than look like one!), but I am partial to a spray tan. I do go to the salon for a ‘special event’ tan (holidays, Xmas, birthdays) but anything in between I just DIY. This often means I have a white tummy and brown arms and legs… Nice!

Brows I don’t do these DIY per say, but I don’t pay for a salon treatment either. I am lucky that my Mom is a Eyebrow Queen, so I just call on her services to sort me out! I’m not sure I could bear threading every month, I had it done once and the pain was unbearable (coming from someone who waxes all the time!)… Ouch!

Manicure/Pedicure Always a salon manicure. I have a gel manicure every 2-3 weeks. I did a post on it here. I have a full pedicure also at the salon about every 8-12 weeks, but if I get bored of the colour in between I’ll do a quick DIY jobby!

Having trained as a Beauty Therapist I’m lucky that I could do most treatments on myself if I wanted to. But sometimes nothing can beat a trip to the salon!

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