March Favourites | The Beauty Spot



I know everyone starts a favourites post by saying how quick the month has gone, but seriously, its literally flown by!! I’ve got a few things that I’ve used a lot over the last month so, without further ado…

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze I know these have been raved about so much, but I only purchased this just before Christmas.  Its been great for me to try a new way of doing ‘everyday’ makeup.  I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut with my winged liner and shaded crease, so to have a one wash cream shadow has been a bit of a revolution.  Even better, every time I wear it people comment on my makeup! Always winner in my book!

Mark Hill Curling Wand A new addition to my hair arsenal, but one I’ve been reaching for after every wash! My GHD’s have been pushed aside in favour of gorgeous easy to wear curls.  A winner for me! A full review of this wand can be found (HERE).

Maybelline Coloassal Volum’ Express Smokey Eyes Mascara Wow, epic name for a mere mascara! I have never been a drugstore mascara user, but this has got me hooked! I’ve got a few other drugstore mascaras in my stash, but this is the one that never fails to deliver! No clumping, great volume and super duper black! Nothing else to say!

Asda Oval Cosmetic Cotton Wool Pads I wasn’t sure it was possible to have a favourite cotton wool pad, but I really love these. Double the size of regular ones, and at 5 for £4 you really can’t go wrong! To be honest I’ve been using these for years, but as they are an everyday thing, I felt like it was like putting your toothpaste in your favourites!

Mini Eggs Not much I can say about these, I have a mild addiction to them every Easter ‘season’. Just can’t get enough of them!

What have you been loving this month? Link me below to your post, I love reading favourites posts!



Take 4 #3: Cadbury Easter Treats

This week is dedicated to my favourite chocolate. Here are four of the treats I am hoping the Easter Bunny might treat me to!

Eggstravaganza Gift Box
Can you get much better than this? All the best chocolate bits for easter! Eggs of all types and even a caramel bunny! I’m sure I could eat all of this one sitting! And no, I wouldn’t be ruining my dinner!


Easter Button Chick
How could you leave this little guy on the shelf! His face is just the cutest and he even comes with chocolate buttons inside!


Egg ‘n Spoon
I’m intrigued by this more than anything.  I’ve had Flake yoghurts before and haven’t particularly liked them, but I quite want to try a Cadbury mousse encased in an egg, they think of everything don’t they?! Yes, I am sad I think about these things!


Mini Eggs Passion
This is The Daddy for me! I always like Christmas coming to an end because I know the shops will have Mini Eggs again soon! And because shops now stock this type of thing so early, I have a few months to stock up for the rest of year! Winner!


All images courtesy of Cadbury Direct.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a little light hearted look at another small passion of mine! Hope everyone is having a good week!