Spring Haul | Featuring Primark and H&M

Yes it’s time for yet another haul! What is wrong with me! Well, on this occasion I was spending vouchers that I’ve had since Christmas, so I think that’s allowed!

I’m pleased with everything I picked up, and hopefully these items will serve me well during SS14.




T shirts White tees are both from H&M, the others are distressed and boyfriend tee’s from Primark. Soft slouchy material is the way forward for me! Matched with a statement necklace makes all the difference.

Pink A line skirt // White blouse A cute outfit I thought. The skirt could also be worn with a crop top, but on me definitely needs heels as the fabric is quite voluptuous so would need heels to balance out any of us with shapely behinds!

Black Maxi Dress // Light Wash Skinnys // Silk Harem Pants The maxi is a simple capped sleeve column dress, really soft material, I will wear this when I’ve been spray tanned as it won’t rub any bits of it off. Light wash skinny jeans are to replace my trusty dark denim and black ones that I’ve lived in all winter! These pants aren’t actual silk but that’s the closest I can say to describe them. Great option for cooler summer nights with a simple black top and flip flops.

Statement necklaces x3 // Embellished head band The top item is the headband, bottom three are necklaces. The silver one is a replacement of one I broke a couple of weeks ago – massive fail – but the others I just thought will be really versatile during the upcoming months.

Hope that hasn’t gone on for two long, I sometimes feel hauls are better as a video, what do you guys think? Have you got any of these items too? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback below! xx


I’ve got the love: Primark | British Blogger Selection

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Primark over the years. I remember when I was 12 and was getting ready to go on a school activity trip to Wales (gorge walking, rock climbing orienteering and such like) and my Mom had gone and bought me a load of Primark joggers and casual sporty stuff for me to take and to not worry about ruining when doing the activities. I was mortified!! I knew that everyone else would be in their Kappa and Adidas ‘popper’ trackies and I totally didn’t want to be the one in Primark own brand sportswear! In the end I think in conceded and took the stuff with me, but I remember not being happy about it.

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