Brush Cleaning 101

So, I recently shared my five favourite brushes, today I’m going to show you how I clean my brushes.  

Keeping your brushes nice and clean will prolong their lifespan (assuming you clean them correctly!) and make them work much better for you when you use them!

There are many brush cleaning products on the market now, but what I am currently using is an Asda shampoo! It makes the brushes smell gorgeous and does work extremely well. You can also use baby shampoo, solid brush cleaning soaps and many other products specifically for brush cleaning. 

(1. Blob some shampoo into the palm of your hand. // 2. Wet the bristles of the brush with warm water. // 3. Swirl your brush in the shampoo to dissolve makeup. // 4. Squeeze out excess water and makeup. 5. // Repeat as necessary until shampoo is foaming and clean. // 6. Remove all shampoo and squeeze excess water out of bristles. Re shape and place on a towel to air dry overnight.)

Personally, I think this is the most effective way of cleaning brushes and ensuring everything is removed. The only thing I would alter in the future is the product I used to wash the brushes in, but this shampoo does work well to break down the makeup in the brushes.  It’s always worth mentioning that the soap and hot water shouldn’t get to the the base of the bristles as the glue that holds them together can become dislodged and softened; which will eventually shed the bristles and ruin the brush. Always hold the brushes vertically – bristles down – and dry them horizontal on a towel over night. 

I spent years cleaning my brushes with just my hands and using them to get all the product out and finishing an hour later with the most prune like hands ever! Until… A friend of mine from Estee Lauder (Emma) dropped the best tip ever on my Facebook page – wear washing up gloves! It’s genius! The texture of the gloves really helps to work the makeup off the bristles, and your hand doesn’t get all manky from all the warm water constantly running! 

I’d recommend this is done once a week and then spray your brushes inbetween uses with a brush cleaning spray to maintain their ‘clean’! I am currently using the Primark one, which I’m not sure is that good, but is doing the job at the moment. MAC, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Real Techniques and many other brush companies all do their own brush cleaner, plenty to choose from! 

One of the problems with people thinking brushes ‘don’t work’ is that they aren’t washed often enough, so I hope this has been useful! 

When was the last time you washed your brushes?