Christmas Book Wishlist | The Beauty Spot

It’s past the time of year when people start asking what you’d like for Christmas. Unless Chanel Handbags and Christian Louboutin shoes are acceptable gifts, I had nothin’!

Then, I had a lightbulb moment… Coffee table books! 💡

I’ve quite often noticed books in the background of blog pictures and YouTube videos and they always look great piled together, but they’re nice to flick through now and again for inspiration.

I’ve put together 5 books I liked the look of and created a Wish List which will be winging its way to my nearest and dearest! 😉

Pretty Honest: The Straight Talking Beauty Companion – Sali Hughes I love the cover image, eye catching and clearly one for the girls! I haven’t actually read a lot of Sali Hughes stuff, but everyone loves her, so I should totes get on her bandwagon!

Vogue: The Covers – Hamish Bowles Certainly not a ‘reading’ book. I just wanna look at the pictures, plain and simple.

Chanel: Collections & Creations – Daniel Bott I’m a real Chanel lover and I’m hoping this book will live up to my expectations.

Lauren Conrad Beauty – Lauren Conrad Probably the first beauty book from a ‘new school’ reality star. I love LC’s style and can’t wait to try out some of her hair looks that I’ve heard are in here.

New York Snapshots – Carter Berg Manhattan is a fascinating city and I love seeing little gems that you would generally miss if you don’t know the city well enough, so this one will be great to see those little secret haunts of a local!

What do you think of my choices? Any other recommendations you think I’ll like? Please comment and let me know this list certainly is not exhausted!


The Winter Project | Christmas Outfit of the Day


It’s the final week of The Winter Project and that can only mean… IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! I am currently manically wrapping my last few gifts while trying to apply my red lippie to get the pub for a decent time before it gets too busy! It’s tradition in my town to go to local pub and catch up with old school friends while drinking mulled wine and singing Christmas choons! Continue reading “The Winter Project | Christmas Outfit of the Day”

The Winter Project | Festive Makeup Picks


So Christmas is only a week away! I’m seeing a lot of people panic buying and getting very stressed about the whole situation! Me? I like to stand back and watch it all, preferably with a glass of something alcoholic(!) and not worry too much if I haven’t managed to get everything. As long as you enjoy what time off you have with your loved ones, what’s the big stress?! Continue reading “The Winter Project | Festive Makeup Picks”

The Winter Project | Christmas Accessories


Wow, week 5 already! I can’t believe how quick this project is going, scarily its only two weeks until the big day itself! I hope you have been enjoying my posts in this project, they are all linked on the Projects and Groups page at the top of my blog, go and check them out! You’ll also see the links to other things I’m involved with. ☺️

So this week is Christmas Accessories.  When I first started to think about this post, I was planning on getting out my favourite festive jewellery, then I had a thought – other things are accessorised over the festive period, so why not write about them.  So here it is, my favourite Christmas (Tree) Accessories! Continue reading “The Winter Project | Christmas Accessories”

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar


Last weekend marked the countdown to Christmas. That single day of the year that everyone spends months thinking about and panicking about! It is only one day, don’t forget! It’s a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and a good excuse for eating and drinking to excess! Continue reading “Boots Beauty Advent Calendar”