The Starting Off Project: Foundation



As some of you will know I am not uploading these posts in any particular order. I feel I have more to say about foundation than concealer which is why I’m doing this one first.
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The Starting Off Project – Skincare

Following my posts on lips and makeup tools, here is my Skincare offering. This is going to be a long one, grab a cuppa and make yourselves comfy!

Looking after your skin should be part of your routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As we hit puberty we all know that our body goes through huge changes and this is often the time that most people start using either skincare or makeup or, often, both. In order to achieve the makeup result you want, your skincare routine is actually the most important. It’s like wallpapering over a crack, it won’t go away and can get worse! So save yourself a lot of money and hassle and start a good routine from a young age and you’ll be halfway there. I must stress that your skin and it’s needs will change from time to time, but as long as you can notice when some elements of your routine need to change, then you will be prepared enough to deal with it without any major problems cropping up. This all comes from someone who has suffered from acne since the age of about 14, however, training as a beauty therapist made me so much more aware of things you can do to look after your skin. Equally, reading blogs and working in the industry has also helped me broaden my knowledge and feel confident in helping people choose the right skincare for them.

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The Starting Off Project – Make Up Tools | The Beauty Spot


This is officially the final week of #theSOproject. If you saw my post on lips last week, you’ll know that I have joined the party very late. I will be completing the series in the coming weeks or months so don’t forget to press the ‘follow’ buttons either on Bloglovin or on my blog itself to make sure you don’t miss any of my posts. Continue reading “The Starting Off Project – Make Up Tools | The Beauty Spot”

The Starting Off Project – Lips | The Beauty Spot


I am pretty late to the party on this one, but as soon as I found out about it I thought it was such a great idea! So I’m putting my two pennies worth in for a whole two weeks! I may catch up on the other subjects in the near future if you would like to see me do it.

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