Following a career change – out of high end beauty – I am now planning to focus on The Beauty Spot and develop it into whatever it can become! 

I’d love this to become a nice community where we can all swap tips and tricks and products loves so please don’t be afraid to get involved!
The things I talk about here have been purchased with my own money or been given to me as gifts. Due to the nature of my previous job, I was lucky enough to sometimes purchase products at a discounted rate or receive some free. This is a perk of the job, these products are not given to me for review. 

If in the future companies contact me to review a product those products will be marked with a *. Regardless of where products have come from my reviews are honest and always my views entirely. All pictures are taken and edited by me unless otherwise stated. Images for posts such as Wish Lists have all been linked back to the website I found them.

If you would like to ask me anything about my reviews or my blog please either leave a comment on the post in question or email me, thebeautyspot13@gmail.com.

Enjoy! x

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