Instagram Love

I do believe in the world of social media that sharing is caring. So with that in mind here are a few of the Instagram accounts I never tire of seeing. 

Gracie Charteris MUA

This girl is a personal friend of mine, and I just love her to bits! I’ve only known her a short time – really – but her Positive Mental Attitude to makeup and the beauty industry is truly infectious, and inspiring! Her help and advice (in many ways) was essential to me whilst we worked together in Selfridges, and if you ever need a glam partner in crime, look no further! #glamlifeforever ❀️

Eva Telejko

The skills of this woman are IN-SANE! Another amazing artist I met while working in Selfridges Birmingham, she describes herself as a ‘makeup architect’, and I couldn’t agree more, Eva is certainly not average in any way! And what stunning blue eyes! πŸ’™

Girl With No Job

Just for laughs, I always giggle when I see the meme’s on this page. Too much truth coming from one person! ✌🏼️

NY On Air

Put simply, the most beautiful images and videos taken from the NY On Air helicopter. They offer trips for tourists and having done one, this is just tearing me until I get to go back!  They can sometimes be found in Vegas and Miami and other stunning cities, but it’s all about the Manhatten skyline for me. πŸ’œ

Mixed Gems Beauty

For those who don’t know, Rose is a blogger and the Beauty Personal Shopper in Selfridges Birmingham. When it was first announced to us that she was going to have that job, I was star struck! I had been reading her blog for a couple of years and couldn’t think of anyone better to do that job, and was just so excited to meet her! In my opinion she has done an amazing job with putting the Birmingham beauty hall on the map and long may it continue! πŸ’›

Hachi Gori

Gotta get a cute one in here as well! Like, seriously, I can’t even!! I think the picture says it all! πŸ’š

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