Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder – The Finishing Touch!






Back in May, Urban Decay opened a brand new counter in Selfridges Birmingham.  The beauty hall has had its own humungous makeover and with it has added some amazing new brands to the Birmingham beauty scene.  
Although UD is not new to Birmingham, this is the first Urban Decay counter in a Selfridges store.  During opening week the team welcomed Karen, the National MUA, to the store to offer makeovers on counter and share her expert advice.  I wanted to buy a Naked palette anyway, and thought why not take the opportunity of someone else doing my makeup!

I loved what Karen did – apologies I didn’t get any pictures, not organised enough! – it was the right mix of defined eyes and a great nude lip.  She used the Naked 2 palette (which I love!), but my most favourite product was the Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder.  I was definitely in the market for a new loose powder, but didn’t expect to see such difference in this product compared to other loose powders.  This is so finely milled it is unbelievably lightweight on the skin and instantly smoothes away the look of pores.

I’ve found that applying with with my Royal & Langnickel flat buffing brush has worked a dream.  I was struggling to find a use for this brush as it’s too soft for foundation use (which is why I originally purchased it!), but this goes hand in hand.  It allows me to place the powder where I need without going too heavy over my whole face.

I love that this powder doesn’t make your skin look or feel dry, it just softly takes away shine, and keeps everything in place.

The absolute top tip I learnt from Karen, was to use this powder underneath my foundation. Now, I was baffled when she said she was going to use it before my foundation, would my foundation turn into a glue-like texture??, but as a National MUA I knew I was in safe hands, even if a little dubious. When I say my skin felt cashmere before she applied my foundation, I am not lying! It was the softest and most smooth my skin had felt in years! And at that point my skin was pretty bad! The foundation went on like a dream and stayed put all evening!

I cannot recommend this powder enough! I purchased 4 items after this makeover and have been so happy with all of them, and I am certainly going back for more soon! Quite a few things on my Wishlist!

What are your favourite UD products? Any that I absolutely must have?


4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder – The Finishing Touch!

    1. UD have such great quality products for a fairly reasonable price IMO. I’m not sure if the reason this works is because the powder is so finely milled, as I haven’t tried the technique with other powders yet, but it certainly worked with this one! If you struggle with makeup staying put, have a look at their make up fixing sprays, my fave is All Nighter. You can try it in a small size for £9 first but they do a bigger bottle too which is better value for money.


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