I’m Back!!! | The Beauty Spot

After a massive blog hiatus (6 months!!), for no apparent reason, I’m getting back into it again.  I will be trying out a schedule and sticking to that.  I work full time and had found it hard to regularly update and keep posts coming, and thinking of new posts up to 3 times a week was getting a bit much.  I will most likely try to stick to one post a week focussing on anything from beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and everyday musings from my mind!  I was also finding I was spending a lot more money than I ever had done on products ‘for the blog’. I didn’t start blogging to feed a habit or to make myself feel better about spending money on products but I started to reassess a little.  I do want to review products and help people make decisions on whether to part with their hard earned cash on a product, but I don’t want to review something for the sake of it.

Now I’ve made the decision to get back to it, I am now sitting in my kitchen, tea and toast in hand racking my brains on what to post next!  I’m also having a little mini celebration for getting Take That tour tickets next May! Anyone else going?

How do you keep to a schedule? Do you like to keep to one or do you prefer to do things ad hoc?


Thanks for stopping by! Say hi and let me know what you think!

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