Gluttons for Nourishment, Tettenhall: A little gem!

I’m well known for having a bit of a sweet tooth in my family. Whether it’s having a brew to specifically dunk a chocolate digestive, gorging on a whole bag of Mini Eggs, or having a childhood moment of pick n mix sweets, I’m never too far away from something sweet.

Recently my mom had told me about a cute little tea room near Wolverhampton called Gluttons for Nourishment, not far from where we live. And as we shared a day off together earlier in the week, we decided to head over and get some lunch!

Down a little arcade in Tettenhall sits this gorgeous tea shop. Decorated with odds and ends and mis-matched furniture it makes a really inviting little place.




We enjoyed lunch, and then I enjoyed cake (my mom was very restrained and only watched me eat it!!). My mom chose the chicken salad, and I had eggs benedict. I’ve never actually tried it, but wanted something a little different to my usual tuna melt panini that I order wherever I go! I forgot to take a picture of my food but look at the amount of chicken on this salad…!


The menu is quite extensive considering it’s a ‘small’ tea room. Everything from pasta, to breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, nachos and even Terry’s Chocolate Orange flavoured milkshake! It’s sounds like a weird mix, but everything just seems to fit! Every plate I saw looked lovingly prepared, and considering it was a Monday afternoon the place was full and had a lovely atmosphere. We even booked our table to be sure there was a spot for us!

The cherry on the cake for me was the lemon drizzle cake. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this picture, but OMG this was divine!

20140512-220903.jpg Believe me that’s a pretty big slice, but I took one for the team and polished it off! There are lots a of lovely cakes in there that I want to try so I will definitely be going back!

Just as a final thing, I have to say the service in there was great too. All too often we go to shops and restaurants and service is very much under par, but here the ladies and girls that work there are polite attentive and just blooming lovely!

If you live in the Wolverhampton/Telford area and struggle to find a little spot for a nice lunch, look no further, Gluttons for Nourishment, Tettenhall have it covered!

*This is not a sponsored post.


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