Perfect Pins: Summer prep starts now!



As the days slowly start to lengthen and the clocks go forward at the end of the month, we naturally start to think ‘summer’! This winter I’ve been taking a few steps to ensure that when summer arrives, my pins are ready to be shown to the world!

Wax I have found that waxing is the best form of hair removal for me. I trained as a Beauty Therapist so I always wax my own legs, which definitely helps in terms of cost and also fitting it around my work pattern. I’ve been quite good over the winter and have stuck to doing it every month, meaning that now my hairs are quite soft, so even when they are ready to wax again it’s not such a huge chore. I use a tea tree cream wax which I prefer to a honey wax as it feels like it doesn’t rip at your skin as much. I also prefer to use paper strips over fabric. Before my training I had a bad experience with the strips you warm up by rubbing together, from the drugstore, it pretty much pulled my skin off at the same time! So just be careful if you use home products like that!

Body Brush This is a fairly new addition to my body routine, but it’s really great for your skin and circulation. Used on dry skin it will slough off dead skin cells for a smoother appearance, but also helps to keep that pesky cellulite appearance at bay! Always brush up your legs towards your heart for best body boosting benefits.

Cellulite Treatment I am currently using the Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control. I tend to use this after the shower of an evening. They give you a little booklet and a massage routine that you can follow for best results, but I’m a bit lazy for that! I apply it from ankles to hips and do a fairly rigorous massage movement on the backs of my legs where I sometimes get a bit of that nasty orange peel. A product will not remove cellulite, you have to watch your diet and exercise as well to get the best results, but I do find that my legs look smoother when I’ve used this for a few weeks. I’d quite like to try the Nip & Fab version of something like this, I’ve heard good reports. Anyone tried it?

Exfoliate I like to use a different scrub on my legs to the rest of my body. I’m not really sure why, I just do! At the moment I’m reaching for salt/sugar scrub by Jo Malone London as I feel the slightly larger bits give me a better finish, and is especially good when removing last bits of fake tan! Exfoliation is also great for absorption of other products, just like on the face. Another favourite of mine is the Clarins Toning Body Polish.

Self Tan I’m a tanning fiend in the summer! I don’t sunbathe and am very aware if the damage the sun does to your skin. So I choose to apply Sienna X Dark Self Tan regularly in the summer, and for certain occasions during winter. Its a great little pick me up even in the depths of winter! Please know, that I do not advocate baking yourself to crisp! Looking like a worn in Mulberry handbag at 40 is not a good look!

So if you want to feel like a walking Venus advert in time for the summer, try some of these!

Thanks for stopping by! Say hi and let me know what you think!

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