The Hair Haul



I’ve always been one of those girls that liked to experiment with hairstyles, but I was never that bothered about what products I was using. I had a few that I would regularly purchase that did me just right. Recently – bloggers, I’m blaming you! – I have felt it absolutely necessary to buy lots more hair product and try it all out!

My most recent trip to Boots became a hair haul almost exclusively as I only picked up one other product (Rimmel Apoyalips in Big Bang FYI!) on top of these.

I had seen a few blog posts about the new Loreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Range. My hair is now about an inch above shoulders after growing out a Frankie cut. I feel it’s not got the umph to it that I really like. It’s all well and good blow drying and backcombing (ssshhhh!) but I’d just love that thicker look as flat hair doesn’t really suit me. So while it’s still new and on a 3 for Β£10 offer at Boots I thought I’d pick up the shampoo, conditioner and serum. There is another double serum in the range, as well as a masque, but the store I went into didn’t have either of those products. You can see a short video here explaining the new discovery and what makes this range so great!

Full review will come when I’ve had a good chance to try the range out properly.

The other items I picked up were from V05. I’ve already got the mousse from this range (although it doesn’t dispense correctly, grrrr!) but I thought another little helping hand in the ‘plumping’ department wouldn’t go amiss! The Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion also contains heat protectant which is always a tick in the right box. And the final item is the Ultimate Hold Hairspray. I go though phases with what kind of hairspray I like. The Tresemme Salon Hold is one I’ve used for a while, but it’s like glue, so best for a night out to be honest. This seems like a good option for an everyday spray.

I’m growing my hair at the moment and am getting increasingly annoyed with it. As much as I really want long hair when I see it on other people, I’m getting very itchy feet with my own hair! I’m not afraid of cutting a la Frankie but I don’t want to waste all the time I’ve put into growing it thus far!

Anyone else been in this position and feel my pain?Β 


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