Take 4 #2


For Valentines evening, we went for cocktails after work. We both now work in Birmingham city centre so it was the obvious choice.  There are plenty of places to go and I’m hoping to work my way around them over the next year or so! Because the weather was so horrendous as I came out of work we decided to stay in the Bullring area so we didn’t get completely drenched.  We went to Browns which is right in the Bullring complex, and the cocktails were great! I’ve eaten there on a few occasions and I do really enjoy the food in there,  but this was the first time I’d had cocktails.  The choice is huge, and many that they have created themselves.  I had a champagne cocktail with coconut flavoured vodka and strawberry puree followed by a mojito in the biggest glass I’ve ever seen a cocktail in! The mojito was one of the best I’ve ever had! The mint was so fresh and just mixed with the flavours perfectly! So if you’re in the Bullring area for lunch or after work drinks, definitely check out Browns.  I’m pretty sure they do Afternoon Tea as well which is always a nice thing to do, maybe a Mothers Day treat!

Mini Eggs. Oh dear, every year when the reappear in January I develop and unconditional need to eat them! I just can stop myself! For example on saturday night I was on my lonesome and after my tea I quite happily sat a policed off a whole bag of the little drops of love! So bad for me, but oh so good!

Putting my ‘face’ on on the commute is something I’ve done since I started working in Birmingham about 4 years ago.  I am not great in the early morning so I thought why not save myself at least 20 minutes and spend that time doing my makeup on the train.  I’m on it for a good 40 minutes and I usually get a seat so why not! I do sometimes get a few strange looks, but hey ho! I’ve spent and extra 20 minutes in bed so I’m happy!

I finished my second book of the year this week! It was the 5th instalment of the DS Roy Grace series by Peter James.  Another gripping narrative which did have me hooked.  Based around human trafficing for organ transplantation it was another great read from this series.  I am aiming to read 20 books this year, and can now cross off two, my next one will be Maeve Binchy – Circle of Friends.  I talked about my recent book uploads here if you would like some book inspiration.  As always I’m still looking for some more recommendations so please leave them below if you have a must read that you think I’ll like!

Let me know what you think if this type of post, I haven’t done this kind of thing before.



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