Take 4: A New Series


I’m not really sure what I have planned for this, but I just wanted a post that I can put on my blog that’s a bit of a random mixture of what I’ve been enjoying or doing recently.

I’ve loved getting back into reading since being on holiday. I don’t make enough time for it at home, even though I spend a combined 80mins or so on public transport every day! If you’d like to see what I’ve recently added to my Kindle click here.

Things I do on holiday without fail, but rarely do at home? Moisturise my body! I am terrible at using body lotions on a regular basis at home, but when I’m on holiday I do it religiously. Maybe it’s because it’s hot enough to walk around waiting to dry without freezing your tush off! Now I’m home from my winter sun getaway, I’ll be using my Vaseline Aloe Vera Spray & Go Body Moisturiser to keep my tan (real and fake!) in check!

The Following. Oh my lord I’ve become slightly obsessed with this! I knew I wanted to watch it when Season One started, but once you’ve missed two or three episodes it’s impossible to really get into something. So when Sky Atlantic aired the whole of Season One back to back over about two weeks, I was set! I was watching with my Dad and we were so hooked we were watching two or three episodes per night! If you like tense, edge of your seat thriller shows, this is for you! James Purefoy plays the most polite, but oh so dark and calculated serial killer I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth a look on Netflix and then a catch up on Season Two which is currently 3 episodes in.

To cheer myself up wherever I am, I just have a look at this little guy! Meet Harry! He has appeared on Instagram and Twitter before, but here he is in all his glory on the blog too! He literally cheers me up no matter how I’m feeling!

Have a nice day xx

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