The Liebster Award

So I have been nominated for The Liebster Award! This is the first time I’ve been nominated so I’m dead excited!  I was nominated by the gorgeous Amy from Lipsticks & Liner.  You should definitely give her blog a look, she’s got a give-away going on at the moment which I’m going to enter as soon as I’ve finished this post!


The rules for this nomination are:
– Mention the person/people who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
– Answer the questions that are given to you by the person who has nominated you.
– Nominate bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
– You should also create new questions for the people you have nominated.

My questions from Amy:
1. What was the first movie that you went to see in cinema? I’m pretty sure it was Beauty and the Beast.  I was 4, and went with my brother and two other boys we grew up with and our Mum’s.  The Mum’s were in bit crying i seem to remember!  Everyone loves Disney!
2. Do you like reading beauty blogs or fashion blogs more? Generally I prefer beauty, just because that what I’m more into.  I don’t feel I get as much opportunity to experiment with my clothes.
3. What is your most used lip product? Most used at the moment is my numerous Chapticks and lip balms.  I’m using my Carmex one from the Boots Beauty Advent Calendar every night at the moment.
4. Who is your favourite artist? I am a total teenage pop tart at heart! The group I will always buy albums and tickets for is Take That.  But I love listening to a lot of the 70’s/80’s stuff too! And Michael Jackson is a bit musical love of mine.
5. Do you like horror movies? NO! I went through that teenage phase of seeing most of the stuff that came out around the time I was 15 (The Ring, The Grudge etc etc), ‘we are 15, we will see a scary film’! But no I don’t really like them.
6. At what age did you learn to drive? I was 17 when I passed my test but I didn’t learn straight away.  Its scary to think I’ve been driving 8 years now! Getting old!
7. Where is your dream holiday? I have a few places I’d like to see, Vegas is on my list, but real beautiful beach holiday somewhere in the Caribbean is also on there.  I go on a lot of sun holidays, but the beaches aren’t beautiful where I’ve been.
8. If money was no object, what 3 things would you buy? A house, a Range Rover Evoque and a Chanel 2.55 handbag. You said money no object!
9. Who is your celebrity crush? Bradley Cooper! Need I say more ladies!
10. How long have you been blogging for? I started my blog in October 2013.  I absolutely love blogging, it’s great to have a little hobby.
11. What is your favourite magazine? I don’t really read magazines anymore, blogs have taken over my life! I used to subscribe to Glamour though.

My questions to my tagged bloggers are:
1. What is your favourite TV programme from your childhood?
2. Who do you look up to the most in your life?
3. Was there anything specific that spurred you on to start blogging?
4. What is your favourite shop on the high street?
5. Favourite beauty brand?
6. Where are you from?
7. What has been your favourite trip or holiday you have taken?
8. Cats or Dogs?
9. Who’s your ‘shouldn’t but would’ crush?
10. Item you can’t live without?
11. Favourite thing about home?

I tag these lovely ladies:
Bea: Bea’s Beauty Blog
Hannah: Painted Pretty
Anna: House of Bargain
Sophie: Little Bit Soph
Jessica: Beauty and the Beagle
Megan: The Perks of Meg
Amy: Amy’s Beauty Adventures
Katie: Who What Where Why
Lauren: lrnlzbth
Kelly: My Fair Pixel
Melanie: Lillies and Lipbalm

I am so glad to find all of these blogs.  Some are very new and I can’t wait to see what kind of blog they become and some are a little more established and I go back to read all the time.
Apologies if any of you have been tagged before, please link your post below, I’ll definitely want to see what you’re answer are!

Lots of love!


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