Standard Resolution Post: 2014

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

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Hello to everyone who made it to 2014! I hope you all celebrated the end of another year and beginning of a new one with the ones you love and maybe some champers too!

New Year’s Eve always leaves people in a reflective mood but also an optimistic mode for the year ahead.  I have made resolutions before, but like many people they fall by the wayside after a few weeks (or days!).

Here, I’m going to make a few goals and resolutions that I’d like to achieve and make sure I do this year, some personal some to do with my blog.  I hope if you can, you will come along for the ride and possibly be part of some of them!

  1. Drink more water – I’m not sure how I can gauge this, but I just know I don’t drink enough of the stuff.  I’m hoping I will see a difference in my skin too if I manage to do this.
  2. Reach 500+ followers on Bloglovin, WordPress, Instagram and Twitter – I would be over the moon if I could achieve all of these by next NYE! Please help me achieve my goal!
  3. Pluck up the courage to start a YouTube channel
  4. Meet some of you amazing bloggers in person
  5. Stay healthy – more will be explained about how I can measure this in a future lifestyle based post
  6. Buy a house
  7. Get engaged – not sure this is really in my hands but would be amazing to happen this year! (FYI we have been together seven and half years, I think its about time!)
  8. Read 20 books
  9. Continue a good cleansing routine at night
  10. Be more blog organised – plan posts earlier and prep as much as possible.
  11. Learn to cook more – current speciality is Bolognese.
  12. Go to a city I’ve never been to before.
  13. Walk over the O2 – A Christmas gift from my brother, can’t wait to go!
  14. Learn how to use my MacBook Pro to its full potential – iCloud, iMovie, Pages/Numbers etc, iPhoto.
  15. Be more active – Utilise my brothers Insanity DVDs.  I won’t be exercising 6 days a week but knowing I can dip in and out and do two or three sessions a week is much better than what I do at the moment.

Ok so I was going to stop at 14 but the last one really is one that I want to do as well and if its published on the internet I will have to answer to myself next NYE and I want to say I’ve kept to it!

What resolutions or goals are you hoping to achieve in 2014?

Lots of love



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