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Wow, week 5 already! I can’t believe how quick this project is going, scarily its only two weeks until the big day itself! I hope you have been enjoying my posts in this project, they are all linked on the Projects and Groups page at the top of my blog, go and check them out! You’ll also see the links to other things I’m involved with. ☺️

So this week is Christmas Accessories.  When I first started to think about this post, I was planning on getting out my favourite festive jewellery, then I had a thought – other things are accessorised over the festive period, so why not write about them.  So here it is, my favourite Christmas (Tree) Accessories!

20131209-215128.jpgThis is the collection of unusual baubles that will adorn my tree.  I currently live with my parents so they will not get an outing this year, but I was organised and purchased all decorations I thought I would want/need when I eventually have my own house and tree.  These (except the Disney ones) were purchased in the January sales earlier this year.  I can’t recommend doing that enough! I got an £80 artificial tree for £21 and bought all the baubles and lights that I’ll need for probably no more than another £50.

These baubles have come from a collection of different places.  The huge bauble was purchased as a pair for £2 each at a beautiful shop in Shrewsbury.  Anyone from that area will know what beautiful items Listers stocks.  Its a gorgeous home wear boutique and I spotted these and just couldn’t leave them! I also had my eye on some furniture, although it won’t be there when I want it, I know its a place I will definitely visit when designing the interior of my house.

I fell in love with the butterfly and owl just because they will fit with any colour theme, but I like putting something a bit unique hidden somewhere on the tree.  The butterfly is actually a clip so it could go somewhere else instead of the tree if necessary.

The bauble on the left was picked up just because of the unusual colour.  Its almost a mushroom bronze kind of colour with a white glitter design over it.  I think my first tree will be white and silver with a few hints of these kinds of taupe/nude colours so this one will fit perfectly!  This one and the butterfly and owl were all spotted at local garden centres.  They are great places to find little bargains like these!

The two Disney ornaments were a gift to my Mom when I was in Euro Disney about 8 years ago.  I started buying her little trinkets for the Christmas tree wherever I went and these were just begging to be taken home! I bought them in March and we had to wait all the way until December to use them, but it was really nice to rediscover them all those months later!

I really wanted to bring something back from the Christmas shop in Islands of Adventure, Orlando but the things I liked were too delicate for the flight home.  There is a tiny little Christmas trinket shop in the Cotswolds (I think it’s in Broadway but not 100% sure) in the UK and thats always worth a look, even in July!  I think its quite a novelty to look at Christmas ‘stuff’ in the summer!

So there are a few picks of my favourite tree accessories.  I can’t wait to use them in my own house, hopefully next Christmas will be the year!

Don’t forget to leave me your links below, I love reading everyone else’s posts and discovering new blogs!  And also don’t forget to press the follow button, I’ll be doing a giveaway at 100 WordPress followers and 50 Bloglovin followers!

Thanks for reading

Nina xx


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