Boots Beauty Advent Calendar


Last weekend marked the countdown to Christmas. That single day of the year that everyone spends months thinking about and panicking about! It is only one day, don’t forget! It’s a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and a good excuse for eating and drinking to excess!

I haven’t done the whole beauty advent calendar thing before and I think I jumped in a little quickly with the Boots offering. So far I have opened 6 days and have been a little eh about the products. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to try some new drugstore products that I wouldn’t choose for myself. I think I will still be able to do that (Day 1 was a Soap & Glory body wash and I’ve never had anything from them before, very excited to use!), but I doubt I’ll be using the fragrances that are in here.

My one pet peeve about this so far is that the plastic keeping the products in place is doing too much of a good job! I’ve had to find a slim implement every day in order to slide under to get the products out!

I will enjoy opening each door, but I know some of the products won’t be for me. I think next year me and the other half will do CYO advent calendars for each other. I think I will enjoy purchasing the items to go in his as much as I will enjoy opening my advent calendar!

Do you have a beauty advent calendar? Which one did you go for?

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