The Winter Project: Winter Scent


I can’t believe its week 3 already! Time is going so quickly!

This week is scent and I really hope you guys enjoy this post as this is going to be my favourite one of the series!

As I’m sure you can tell from the image above, I am quite a high end fragrance lover! I feel that like most things, you get what you pay for in terms of scent. The longevity on the skin, the quality of the ingredients and the overall finish of the scent. I like to wear scents that reflect the mood I may be in, but also the occasion and time of year.

In general I like slightly sweet floral scents with a hint of fruits and these tend to be a little on lighter side of the fragrance spectrum. I do continue to wear my all time favourites during the winter but these are the others that I tend to add into my collection for Christmas parties and when I just fancy a change!

Chanel No.5 Eau de Toilette 50ml £55
THE fragrance that every woman should own at least once in her lifetime! The best selling fragrance ever cannot be wrong! Gabrielle Chanel created a legend with this scent! It’s a vintage smell, but soft, feminine and powdery too. Many people say “it smells like my nan”, but to me that’s not a bad thing. Scent evokes memories and I think memories or imagery of a time gone by is so beautiful for a young girl to wear these days. We are so spoilt with fragrance and so many of them are incarnations of the same sickly sweet scents and many young girls wear very similar scents, go different and wear something a bit more vintage!

Jo Malone London Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense 100ml £100
A new addition to my collection; to me this brings images of a boudoir, that place where a woman makes herself sexy and beautiful! It’s a real intense smell and is very different to other Jo Malone London scents. The real deep note of oud almost brings a slightly masculine woody base to this real intensely floral fragrance. It totally builds that imagery of a dressing room that wouldn’t be out of place in the Moulin Rouge! Perfect for evenings and parties where you want to make an impression!

Chanel Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum 50ml
I don’t wear this scent very often, but I first wore it when I worked as a Christmas Temporary Consultant for Chanel when I was about 18. Bearing in mind this bottle is about 7 years old the scent is exactly the same as the day I bought it! This is my winter daytime scent. It really is quite sensual and softly sweet. It totally takes me to Christmas shopping in December. I can’t wear this in summer because every time I smell it it takes me there! I’d say this is also a more mature scent, I’m spotting an unintentional theme here! If you want to try a Chanel scent that you may not smell on every woman that walks past you, give this one a whiff!

Stella McCartney Rose Absolute Eau de Parfum Intense 50ml
I was given this as a gift for my 21st birthday, 4 years ago!! I wouldn’t have ever tried a scent from a brand other than Chanel at the time so this was a welcome change. My birthday is in June but I didn’t start wearing this scent until Autumn/Winter. It has some similarities to the Velvet Rose & Oud, but this seems to have a much sweeter base. For this reason I tend to wear this every once in a while as sometimes the sweet base gets a bit much for me. However, because I chop and change between so many scents a love to have this as an option in my collection.

Most of the scents I have chosen happen to be Eau de Parfum, which means they have a lower alcohol content and last longer on the skin. If you are searching for a scent, have this in mind. If you find scents don’t last on you, it may because they are Eau De Toilette. That strength will only last around two hours, so you will always have to top up during the day. Much like a gloss doesn’t stay on your lips for as long as a lip stain would. If you only want a ‘light’ scent on the skin during the day, EDT is a good choice, if you want to smell you scent all day, the EDP is the way forward.

Also have in mind when you wear your scent. I like to have daytime scents and evening scents. They have similar qualities, but I prefer something more intense and deep for evening. They make me feel less ‘girly’ and more sophisticated. I’d like to add that describing scents is sooooo difficult! If you’re in a store and some asks you to describe the sort of scent you like, and you don’t know what to say, try and explain what memories it may evoke and what occasions you may be wanting to wear it. Just saying fresh and light doesn’t really mean much. Fresh and light to you may be clean but spicy to someone else. Smell the fragrances in your collection and see if they fit into similar families, like citrus based, florals, woods, oriental, sweet. Equally if you want a change, you can identify what you don’t have much of. This way you have somewhere to start when being faced by the hundreds of perfume bottles in department stores!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing what I reach for during the winter months. I can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts this week! Leave your links below! :o)

TBS xx


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