I’ve got the love: Primark | British Blogger Selection

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Primark over the years. I remember when I was 12 and was getting ready to go on a school activity trip to Wales (gorge walking, rock climbing orienteering and such like) and my Mom had gone and bought me a load of Primark joggers and casual sporty stuff for me to take and to not worry about ruining when doing the activities. I was mortified!! I knew that everyone else would be in their Kappa and Adidas ‘popper’ trackies and I totally didn’t want to be the one in Primark own brand sportswear! In the end I think in conceded and took the stuff with me, but I remember not being happy about it.

I also remember that around this time it used to be an embarrassment to even be seen going in to Primark. People used to hover outside the door until there wasn’t many people around and slip in quickly. There was very much a stigma attached to the store in the early 00’s.

I don’t even know what changed and when, but now I am so proud to say that I got something for a bargain price from Primark, especially when someone says “it looks more expensive than Primark”!

I am very much a fast fashion shopper. I like to have a lots of choice for outfits but don’t always want to spend a lot of money. I quite like to have some statement pieces in my wardrobe, or to spend money on things like jeans, but more often than not, if I’m looking for something that I know won’t be around in 3 months time, I will always go to Primark. I feel less guilty about spending £12 on a jumper as opposed to £38 in somewhere like Topshop.

My love of Primark doesn’t end with the clothes. The accessories, shoes and home ranges all offer a similar price and quality to the clothes, of which I am happy spending my money on. If you have an expectation about the cost vs value of an item, and you are left disappointed (usually because it’s expensive and hasn’t lived up to your expectations), it can put you off trusting a brand or store. With Primark, my expectations aren’t especially high and I know what I’m getting. If my £11 jeans last me 12 months before looking a little tired, I’m super happy! £11 for a pair of jeans!!

The only range that I don’t think quite stands out at the moment is the mens range. But, you can’t beat a mens plain T-shirt to sleep in!

Who else is as big a fan of Primark as me? What’s your ‘go to’ store to shop in?

See you all soon!
Nina x

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