The Winter Project: Winter Accessory


Hello all! I hope everyone is well!

This week is winter accessory. This was a tougher one for me. For Scent and Polish I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. But this took a bit more thinking time. I’ve decided that the items I can never live without during winter are the old favourites of comfy socks, hat, scarf and gloves! Possibly a little bit obvious, but for me when I’m walking to and from train stations I need to be as toasty warm as possible!

This set of hat, scarf and gloves is my favourite! No prizes for guessing where they’re from… Primark! I’ve had them for a few years but Primark are great at winter woollies, there’s always a new version of this kind of thing. And you really can’t go wrong for the price!

20131111-115158.jpg Another little collection off woollies! Here I’ve got some gloves and mittens and some really cosy socks! The mittens that turn into fingerless gloves are from Primark, the pink pair are called Turtle Doves and are made from recycled cashmere jumpers! Super soft and lovely to wear! They’re great because they are longer than normal gloves so they cover to mid forearm and no horrid wind gets up your sleeves! These are going to be great when I’m working in the stockroom this winter! The black pair are iGloves which means you can keep your gloves on while using your touchscreen devices! I think this pair are actually my brothers, but I got another pair from Accessorize last year and I’m sure most other high street stores will do them again. All of these gloves and mittens are touch screen friendly which is essential for me as I’m never off my phone for more than about 5 minutes!
The socks were a Christmas present last year (well worn!) with some PJ’s from Debenhams (standard gift every year!). I’m not a huge fan of slippers, so cosy socks are the way forward for me! I leave them on the radiator all day and come home and cuddle up on the sofa in all my comfy stuff!

Don’t forget to post your #TheWinterProject links below!

See you all next week!
TBS xx

3 thoughts on “The Winter Project: Winter Accessory

  1. I love my Turtle Dove Gloves too.. Even tho your fingers are exposed, they still keep your hands warm!
    You can still use your phone,& get cash out of your purse…& you don’t have to keep taking them on&off… You just u hook your thumb & wear them as wrist warmers!


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