Beauty Spatula: A life changer?

So I saw a post a while ago (I think it was on British Beauty Blogger, but can’t find a link) about a little gadget that would get all the excess product out of your bottles. I already cut the top off my tubes and get the dregs out, but the most annoying thing is my foundation bottles! You can’t get anything else out if the pump but there loads hanging around the edges!


You can probably see I’ve attempted to scrape the edges of one bottle, using the end of a makeup brush didn’t really do the trick!

So after realising I had 4 (yes, 4!) bottles of foundation that were ’empty’, I had to find this gadget! If you are in the USA you will find the Every Drop Beauty Spatula on the linked website but also via The Container Store. Although the price of the spatula was reasonable ($5) the postage to the UK was around $20!!! I trawled the internet for an alternative and found one on Amazon. It’s hard to work out the size of the product via a small picture on a screen, and when it came it was actually much longer and bigger than I expected.

The top if these foundation bottles is very narrow so I ended up trimming the spatula so it would fit. Once I had done that it worked great! I managed to get a surprising amount out of each of the bottles! I had 3 different shades of foundation which is why I used the Boots stackable pots for each shade. These will be great for holidays too as this is the foundation I always take away in at least two shades.

You can see from this picture how much I had to trim the spatula, the bit I trimmed was the bit that would get the product from the ‘shoulders’ of the bottle. This would probably work without trimming on bottles like Double Wear, Sheer Glow and Studio Fix due to their slightly wider necked bottles.

Overall this is a great little gadget! I think I’ve got at least another weeks worth of foundation from each bottle! If you’re in the US I’d definitely go for the Every Drop version of this as I think it would be more versatile, but this definitely did the job for me until we can get hold of the other one over here! A great little stocking filler too!

Do you have any gadgets that you can’t live without?

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