The Winter Project: Winter Polish



Welcome to The Winter Project!

I’m so glad to be taking part in this project and really hope you guys all enjoy reading the posts! Thank you to the gorgeous Kellie for organising this project! Mainly because it’s one post that I don’t have to think about what to write!

First up – winter nail polish!
Due to grooming guidelines in my job, I am only allowed to wear a nude polish or French manicure at work. Meaning, I rarely change nail polish and always stick to the same thing.

You can see the type of thing I wear on a daily basis here, and that is pretty much all seasons. The polish I do like to wear on my nails during winter would have to be MAC creme nail polish in Quiet Time (below). This is the perfect nude shade for me. I much prefer yellow/beige nudes instead of pink nudes for my nails. If I have a pink tones my hands seem to look strange like I’m ill or something! I have had to use about three coats here to cover the glitter I have on the tips of my nails, but two coats on normal nails would be more than enough.


The one thing I do always have on is toe polish! I can’t go a day with ‘bare toes’ even in winter as I feel my feet just look weird! As many people say during Autumn/Winter, polish shade trends tend to get deeper. This year I am loving switching between Chanel Rouge Noir and Blue Satin (I don’t haven a image of this one unfortunately). Chanel polishes have been getting a bit of bad press on blogs recently, but I still can’t help but love their shades! On toes, polish always lasts much longer anyway, and when I do paint my finger nails, I paint over my gel manicure which holds polish really well because it’s so smooth and the nail is stronger. So either way I’m still happy with all the Chanel polishes I’ve got.


To also add some sparkle to my life I always reach for Barry M Red Wine and Red Sparkle (you can see how much that one has been used by the lack of writing on the bottle!). The red sparkle in particular is great for Christmas Day whilst you’re opening prezzies in your new pj’s! I’ve had this on for the last two years at Christmas and by doing my pedicure about a week before Christmas it relaxes me and gets me quite festive and excited about the day itself! The other sparkle combination I adore is Barry M and Nubar Violet Sparkle. My favourite colour is this type of violet purple so if I can’t decide what I want on my toes, I’ll reach for this! It’s also quite close to the colour of my car! Yay!



The sparkle coats do all the talking here so the underneath layer only really needs to give a good solid base for it to sit on. Sometimes I use Rouge Noir underneath each of these glitter polishes. Don’t forget to add a good base and top coat to any polish, especially if you are using such dark intense shades. I usually keep my toe polish on for at least 4-6 weeks before changing it, so base coat is most definitely needed! I really like this matte base coat (left) and then follow with the top coat I’ve been using for about 6/7 years, the bloggers favourite, Seche Vite. When you put it over any glitter polish it totally brings it to life! Totally in love!


I really want to get a matte topcoat and try that over some of the other darker polishes I have, definitely on my Christmas Wishlist!

Post your Winter Project links below, I’d love to have a read!

TBS xx


3 thoughts on “The Winter Project: Winter Polish

  1. I love my nude nail polishes and rarely change colour either! But I’d spent ages trying to find chanel rouge noir and it’s never in stock 😦 😦

    Sigh. A great post though!

    Ps I have a blog sale atm on my blog so feel free to pop over xoxo


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