Spotlight: Bobbi Brown Palette Review



I haven’t done many reviews so far so I thought I’d do one on a palette that I use pretty much for every single makeup look I do!
It is my custom made 3 pan Bobbi Brown Palette. I think it looks so good when you pull it out of your makeup bag and if you pick the right shades you’ve got a great travel ready palette!

The shades I have are Charcoal, Hot Stone and Cement (L-R). Hot Stone and Cement were actually gifts in a 4 pan palette but I decided to split it up as it had two blushes and two shadows. I had found I was using the two shades every single day for both brows and subtle crease shading, then using an old matte black shadow to line my upper lashes. My solution? Get a three plan palette and add a black!

Although this is definitely a high end palette (total cost would be £57) it’s quite good value. In terms of cost and gram for gram vs a Mac Quad you actually get a whole gram more in shadow for just 50p more! The thing to consider is whether you want a 4 pan palette or a 3 pan?! I’ve had the two lighter shades for a year and used them every single day and have hardly scratched the surface of them. I’m pretty sure this will last me a lifetime!

The Bobbi Brown packaging is as iconic as any other high end beauty brand but I love how sturdy this is, it feels like this palette has been designed to last (us ladies often chuck things in our makeup bags without a second thought)!

I mainly compare this type of thing to the MAC Pro Palette Quads, but a small thing I much prefer here is how easy it is to change your shades and also that you can easily see which shades you have in which palette. (I bought my first MAC quad recently and can’t work out how to do either of these things, am I missing something???) The base of the palette has gaps for you to be able to see which shades you have.


For an evening out I did two looks using these shades. The only other items I used were Mac Naked Lunch, a black kohl pencil and A volumising mascara. To do an eye look which can look quite intense, I was actually quite happy that those were the only items I used!

This is a really natural every day look, most often this my ‘work’ look. I haven’t used mascara at this point but you get the idea! I used Charcoal on a wet brush over the top of a black kohl pencil to create a slightly softer eyeliner finish.

The next look shows a more smokey look. In real life it felt much darker than it seems to in the images, my lighting isn’t great! All I did was blend Charcoal into the outer corner of my eye, and took Cement slightly further up on the crease and into the socket. I also use Hot Stone and Cement has my brow shades. Although I have dark brows I don’t like to match my colour to my brows because I’m blonde so it would look weird, in my opinion!

I like both of these looks and love to be able to use palettes for a number of different makeup styles.
have you ever used Bobbi Brown shadows? What did you think? What are your ‘go to’ shadows?

TBS xx


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