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This is officially the final week of #theSOproject. If you saw my post on lips last week, you’ll know that I have joined the party very late. I will be completing the series in the coming weeks or months so don’t forget to press the ‘follow’ buttons either on Bloglovin or on my blog itself to make sure you don’t miss any of my posts.

So this week is Make Up Tools. I have very slightly broadened the theme and included some hygiene and a travel organiser that I feel is necessary for every girl!

On every girls vanity there should be cotton wool pads, tissues and brush cleanser. I use the Asda Oval Cotton Pads as they’re double the size of normal ones and much easier to remove make up or tone with. Every time I have purchased these they’ve been on offer 5 for £4 so they’re an absolute bargain! I always have a box of tissues handy as well because a) I always make a mess and get products on my fingers and touching my work clothes after that is not good; and b) because they’re within easy reach, it reminds me to clean my brushes more regularly, hence why my brush cleanser is also on my vanity. (I will be decanting this cleanser into a spray bottle as I find that easier to work with when cleaning my brushes.) The other item I’ve included here is my Bobbi Brown Organiser. This is what I pack all of my makeup items in when going away, it’s got compartments galore for all your essentials! I’d say this is fairly expensive but there are many other brands that do great travel bags. Cath Kidston are some of my faves, and they’re just so cute!

I’m sure many of you will have discovered that you can’t get great make up looks without good brushes, or the knack of knowing how to use them.

Aside from a good pair of slanted tweezers, some nail scissors and a duo eye pencil sharpener these are my holy grail brushes. I haven’t included lash curlers mainly because I don’t use them and don’t actually know how to use them, but if you feel you benefit from them then they would be a good addiction to your kit. Many of you will clearly see the orange handled Real Techniques brushes. I have the Core Collection and the large Powder Brush. My absolute favourite is the buffing brush, the best way to get flawless foundation every time, IMO. I use the tiny detailed brush to apply bright lipsticks, and the contour brush to blend my concealer.

My current blush brush is a very long handled Ruby & Millie one (second from the left), it’s a great brush, but not very practical, I’m on the lookout for a shorter one at the moment.

The other brushes featured are a bit of a mishmash. I have a Lancôme eyeshadow blending brush which I only ever use with nude colours; two angled brushes, one is quite soft which I use for brows, the firmer one I use damp with eye shadows for an easy to apply eye liner; a crease blender is essential (similar to a MAC 217), mine was about £2 from MUA(!!); and finally an eyebrow groomer, or you could also use an cleaned up old mascara wand.

Having a brush collection that you are happy with can take time to build up, they aren’t all cheap! Real Techniques are excellent quality and are readily available in drugstores and sometimes on offer, but if, like me, you like to have a few different shapes and types to choose from, I’ve put together some links for you to have browse at some other sites I’ve found are great for brushes.

Love Makeup features Crown Brush | Real Techniques | Sigma | Zoeva and many many more
MUA such amazing value for money!

I totally rate some high end brushes, and they would be a fabulous addition to Christmas lists, but if you are spending your own pennies, I don’t think you can go too wrong on the two websites I’ve linked above.

Happy brush shopping!

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