Choose My Look – The Smokey Eye: Jewel Colours

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you are all well.

I knew I wanted to do a short make up related post and while I was thinking what do I started daydreaming about what look I shall wear tonight when I go out with the girls. It then hit me like a lightbulb moment: you guys can help me choose! I know I want to do quite an intense smokey eye but I’m bored of using the same blacks, greys and taupes. I do love those shades but it’s nice to have change! So looking through my collection of shadows I found these 3 beauties and just couldn’t resist! They are those really beautiful jewel-like colours (juicy ruby reds, rich emerald greens and deep sapphire blues) which I think are quite versatile in terms of what skin and hair colours they suit.

(apologies for the picture, I wanted to get the real colours in the sun but it was almost too bright on my windowsill!)

So I’ve done the smokey eye look with each shadow and would to hear what you guys think and which one you prefer! A small disclaimer, I am not wearing lashes in these pictures, and will do later, and I have some Illamasqua Pure Pigment that I would use over the blue and plum looks to completely finish them off. FYI, I will be wearing a black jumpsuit with a gold band plate belt with yellow gold accessories and nude pointed stilettos. (Hopefully I can post the look either on here or Twitter later on!)




Unfortunately the two Clarins colours have now been discontinued and I think the Mac one was also a limited edition. However I’d say you could find some pretty good dupes around from companies like Mac, Nars or Urban Decay.

Please done forget to leave me comment on your favourite, I’m so indecisive that it would really help me!

TBS. xx

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