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Not exactly a beauty related post, but I thought I’d mix it up a bit! I am a bit of a tv addict and the other half is a total film buff! Putting us together literally means we will not leave the house for days (no naughty thoughts!), unless we are going to the cinema!

For tv I very boringly watch the usual Saturday night ‘reality’ (The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing) but there are a few other shows that I make time for during the week. Admittedly, I rarely watch them ‘live’ or when they’re originally screened, but they always feature somewhere in my week. (Sky+ really is my best friend!)

Homeland Yes, it’s back! Only two episodes into the new series but this is an absolute must every week. The US shows always have a lot of ‘filler’ episodes where you think nothing has happened, but they are always important by the time you get to the end of the series! Brody hasn’t appeared yet and can’t wait for his re-entrance!

Gogglebox a programme I fell upon during its first series. It’s so simple but great tv. You spend 40 minutes watching other people watch tv from the previous week! Yes, that is it! Trust me, give it a watch!

The Graham Norton Show Never a disappointing watch! Even if you don’t know the guests, this show is always funny and a great start to the weekend’s tv! The researchers seem to get a lot of great material, but Graham really puts his guests at ease! It feels like everyone is attending a dinner party with him and just chatting as old friends. It’s great that the guests are interviewed together, it makes their appearances less about their ‘plug’ because they always interact with each other’s stories. Brilliant!

The Great British Bake Off Oh wow! Where did this sneak up on me from?! I half watched a Comic Relief episode earlier in the year and now I’m hooked for life! Who knew watching a load of people bake pies would be so funny!

The West Wing obviously this isn’t aired now, but we have just started watching this on box set and so far I’m enjoying it. I felt the first couple of episodes didn’t have much substance, but once you get to know the characters and start to care about them, it’s a really good watch! We have plenty of series to get through, and it’s not all such hard work with Rob Lowe on the screen every episode!

For films, we tend to watch films with actors in we know and have liked their previous stuff. But here’s a few on our upcoming list…

Anchorman 2 I’m sure the whole world is waiting for this! I am not counting down to Christmas, I’m counting down to the release of this! It has a lot to live up to but it hasn’t been a rushed sequel so I think we are in for a treat!

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit We quite like CIA and crime action films (One of my favourite franchises is Bourne) so this looks like a pretty good watch, especially with the leading cast members too. This isn’t out until Boxing Day in the UK, but possibly a good one to fill the void between Christmas and New Year.

The Wolf of Wall Street I am a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio (those eyes!!!), and rate him very highly as an actor. Not type cast at all IMO. I always feel safe when going to see a film with him in and recently have not been disappointed, Django Unchained anyone?? This is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, DiCaprio is collaborating with Martin Scorsese again which can only mean great things! Out January 2014.

Runner Runner This came out last week I think. This is one of those, ‘it looks pretty good, we’ll go on orange Wednesday’ films. I’m not sure it will set the world alight, but will be a good way to pass a couple of hours!

You can have a look at these films on IMDB, this is my absolute film bible!!

Hope you liked this slightly different post. Would love to know what you guys think of my taste in TV and movies! Or give me a few more to add to my list!


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