Beauty Collection Storage: Acrylic Cosmetic Holder | The Beauty Spot

I love to spend time going through and organising my makeup and skincare. You always find some hidden gems that you’d forgotten about! I’m a very messy person so I have to do it fairly often, at least I did until I bought this cosmetic organiser! I used to have an old Chanel box at the side of my vanity which kept all of my daily essentials in one place, my foundations were littered along my mirror, because I always mix shades so have a number of bottles, and everything else in the drawers next to me within easy reach. The problem was the box was always such a mess! And I ended up hoarding ‘stuff’ that wasn’t essential to my makeup routine at all – plasters anyone? (No idea!!)

I had seen many many vlogs and beauty collection videos showing acrylic storage, mainly from Muji, so I went into a number of stores but could never see anything that I felt would work on my vanity. So I got onto trusty eBay! I searched acrylic cosmetic organiser and just scrolled and somehow picked one that I liked the look of. The person that was selling mine had about 10 different organisers to choose from on the same listing, so you just have to be careful when placing your order to make sure you’re going to get the one you want.


I chose this one because of the different shaped compartments as I thought I could fit quite a few different things in them. I’m not very good with dimensions so I didn’t really know what I’d ordered exactly I just knew it would roughly fit in the space I had allocated.


This shows the organiser half full. Each section has its own item:
1. Decanted toner and deodorant
2. Tools – scissors, tweezers, sharpeners
3. Go to eyes and lips
4. Everyday lipsticks
5. Face and base items – current every day skincare and base makeup

Here it is full…


This organiser really has organised my beauty life! I just move things around if I’m using a new product or have finished one. It’s great because it’s so compact but can still fit all I need. I store my brushes next this on my vanity so they are also within easy reach, anything that is interchangeable is stored in the drawers of my vanity itself. I would recommend anyone to have a look at these on eBay, the amount of different shapes and sizes of these organisers is amazing!



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