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Until a few months ago, I didn’t really see the hype with Mac(!!), I’d never made an opportunity to have a look at their range and properly try their products. To be honest, I thought there was a lot of hype for not much substance. What gave me that impression I don’t know, because every make up artist you see uses their products.

So, I’ve been slowly adding to my Mac collection and have recently got some lipsticks. I’m showing 5 colours in this review. Some I’ve worn more than others but I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some side by side comparisons. I’ve only recently become a lipstick wearer. I would forever be wearing glosses and balms but since finding some great colours and textures, I’m well and truly converted!

When I do my make up I apply a Chapstick before putting on my skincare so that it has softened and prepared my lips for whatever I am wearing that day. Then when I have finished my base I sweep a very very small amount of foundation over my lips to give a very blank canvas and a better colour pay off for the lipstick.


1. Patisserie
I’ve had Patisserie for a while and use it a lot. I got it because I’d been looking for a ‘your lips but better’ shade for what felt like forever, and saw this on Lily Pebbles blog here. I thought if it’s good enough for Lily, it’s good enough for me! I have to say this is probably slightly more of a yellow nude than I would normally choose but I still like it and wear if often at work. I usually wear it with the Mac Dazzleglass in Steppin Out on top for that extra glossy nude lip!


2. Chatterbox
I’ve been wearing Chatterbox at work and love it! The texture of the lipstick is very soft and although you get great colour payoff, you don’t look like you’ve covered and coated your lips with layers of colour and gloss. It’s a creamy lipstick so there is a soft cream finish on the lip, which makes it moisturising and comfortable to wear. I have found that it has lasted a good few hours as well, which is great for me as I don’t have much chance to top up throughout the day.


3. Impassioned
I wore Impassioned on a night out recently and it really is more suited to an evening out! It’s bright so no one is going to miss you, but looks great with a slightly lined eye. I just did a winged black liner and a little bit of crease shading with some short falsies to give a bit more volume to my eyes. Again the colour pay of was fabulous and I didn’t need to keep reapplying every time I went to the ladies!


4. Ruby Woo
Ruby Woo has become an iconic shade in the lipstick world and I can see why! It suits everyone, all hair colours and skin tones! I often find that matte lipsticks are far too drying for me, which is why I steer clear, but although it feels ‘dry’ and matte on the lips it’s still very comfortable to wear. I drunk two big cups of tea with this lippy on and it’s barely moved! I’ve been using it with Illamasqua Feisty lip liner as I think a red lip always needs a sharp line and a liner helps it’s staying power that little bit more.


5. Rebel
Rebel describes the type of purchase that it was! It was a total impulse buy during A/W 2012. I really wanted a more ‘Rouge Noir’ type of colour originally (possibly a bit too much brown for me), then I saw Illamasqua’s ESP and Underworld and loved them (too bright on the purple theme), then I was completely taken in by Rebel! I only really wear this during autumn and winter, for probably obvious reasons, but I still really like to dip into this colour on occasions. Again it’s comfortable to wear, it moves a little more than Ruby Woo because it has that slight satin finish but I think that’s better in this shade, I don’t think a matte finish would work as well. I used this with Chanel Precision lip liner in Ganet, however that shade is slightly darker than Rebel so I found I need to blend to two together slightly to get the best finish.


I’m very much in the camp of choose one main feature: eyes or lips, not both! Particularly with bright lipsticks they are a great way to make you feel more ‘done’ or to finish off a more subtle/casual outfit. One of my winter staples is simple outfit of jeans with a black blouse and a bold red lip, finish with a pair of heels for evening or ankle boots for a day shopping!

I can now totally see why people end up with such huge collections of Mac lipsticks, and I’m not ashamed to say I will most likely join that club! I will be on the lookout for some drugstore dupes and if I find any I shall let you know!

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Have you found any drugstore dupes?

*This is not a sponsored post.*


10 thoughts on “Review – MAC Lipsticks | The Beauty Spot.

  1. I have also don’t have any tube of MAC Lipsticks although I am planning to get one soon and see what the hype is all about. You see, I live in Manila and MAC Lipsticks here cause 1000 pesos or roughly $23! I just cringe at the price! I am actually restraining myself from buying because I might end up loving it that I need to buy more! Haha. But, I’m planning to purchase one soon! And I got my eye on Rebel! Great post! Hope you can check out my blog and follow as well! Thanks!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Lovely to hear from your!
      Is your currency the Philippine Peso then? (Forgive my ignorance!) In the UK they are Β£15 ($24) which is the lower end of department store prices. (A YSL lipstick I bought was Β£24!), if your currency is the Philippine Peso the conversion to GBP actually make them Β£1 cheaper for you! πŸ™‚ You will not regret getting a MAC lippy in my opinion! I feel every girl should have at least one!


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