Entity Gel Manicure – My nails, but better! | The Beauty Spot

Like many people, when I’ve had my nails done it makes me feel happy to show off my hands, I wear rings more often and just generally feel like I’m ‘done’! So when I discovered soak off gel manicures I felt like the sun had appeared on a cloudy day! I’ve had acrylic enhancements on a number of occasions and loved them – I have an excellent nail tech! – but I always struggle to adjust to having long nails and I admit I’m a picker(!), so once I can see an edge to pick that’s it! And we all know that once one long nail has gone, your perfect set is ruined!

I started to have Entity Colour Couture soak off gel manicures, about 18months ago, I wondered if it was going to be another fad that I’d get bored of. Well, I haven’t! There are so many parts of this treatment/product that I love! I always have a nude base with a glitter coat on top as I’m only allowed a ‘natural’ nail for my job. It’s quite boring that I have the same thing every time, as I’d love to experiment with every colour possible, but the beauty of this type of product means I can still use nail polish on top, remove it as many times as I want, and the manicure will still look exactly the same underneath! Winner!



This type of manicure lasts around 2-3 weeks for me, I couldn’t really ask any more from a product! I’d highly recommended this to anyone who is looking for a ‘My nails but better’ look, great for brides and perfect for a ‘high days and holidays’ treat that you don’t need to worry about chipping.

Has anyone had one these kinds of manicures, what are your thoughts? Favourite colours?


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