Acts of Kindness

Ok so I know I have been utterly awful at uploading recently, but after my day at work I now feel compelled to write.

I work in a fast paced, very busy and occasionally stressful environment. It’s customer facing all day every day and usually that’s where the challenges come from.

About 10 days ago I was gearing up to finish my shift, when I saw a girl of around my age and her mum approach the area I was tidying away looking on longingly at the ladies who had just vacated with smiles and happy comments. I could tell that they were intrigued by the service the other ladies had been given, so I welcomed them and asked them if I could be of assistance. They said straight away that they had had a really disappointing day and really do with a little treat to cheer themselves up. I immediately offered them a seat and gave them the service that is expected of me on a daily basis.

They did not make a purchase (I don’t do my job purely for the ‘sales’), but I could tell I had helped them take a break from whatever had caused them such stress on a Saturday afternoon. Both ladies were very complimentary about me when leaving and thanked me so much for giving my time to treat them. I genuinely could see in the girls face that what she was saying to me was true, and that made me feel very happy.

Ten days later she called with an issue. By luck, I answered the phone and instantly remembered who she was, and wanted to do my utmost to help her. And I really feel I did. It seemed as though she had had a really tough week or so and because of the small act of kindness I showed her originally, she chose to call me and my workplace to alleviate any stress and to treat both her and her mum. I was more than happy to help as I had realised how tough the last few months had been for her, and that if I was in her position, I’d want someone to help me out.

She really opened up to me and maybe she felt comfortable speaking to me because I didn’t know her background, but after seeing her again this evening and seeing the feedback she left for me I really feel that my small act of kindness has helped her tremendously.

Take 4 #8: Anti Ageing things you can do in your 20’s

It’s a scary thought that at 25 our skin starts to slow down and is classed as ‘mature’.  However, while many of us will not be using specific anti ageing products at this age or younger (we don’t need to!), there are certain things we can do with ease to help stave off those pesky wrinkles.

  1. DRINK MORE WATER Unsurprisingly this is something that can aid our general health, but drinking more water will keep our skin clear and full of moisture, and keep it working to its full potential. This is one thing I find hard to do as my job doesn’t allow me to drink at regular intervals, however, when I am able to drink more often I definitely feel better in myself and I know its doing all sorted of good.
  2. WEAR SPF The suns rays are some of the most damaging things for our skin.  Everyone loves a tan, but who would want to look like a wrinkly leather handbag at 40? The rays penetrate the skins layers and can create free radicals (naughty cells) which in turn damage the collagen and elastin.  These are the parts of the skins structure that gives it its youthful look (plump, smooth, line free).  They naturally break down with age, but many things speed up the ageing process, such as the sun and external pollution.  Wearing SPF gives your skin chance to protect itself from those damaging rays. This goes for winter as well as summer!
  3. MOISTURISE NECK AND HANDS We all know that our eyes ages first, mainly because the skin is much thinner, but the neck and backs of hands also show age sooner than other non-exposted areas.  When you’re young you don’t need anymore products to protect these areas, just take any excess moisturiser down onto the neck and then run over the backs of your hands with the last ‘dregs’.  Simple but effective!
  4. SLEEP Now I can’t claim I do this myself, but your skin will thank you in the future if you get a good nights sleep on a regular basis.  As we all know 8 hours is about right.  We can perform better in our day jobs, but sleep is when the skin repairs itself.  And that is sleep, not just resting.  So again if the skin repairs itself correctly while your younger it will repair more effectively and stave off ageing for longer!

I hope you’ve found those tips helpful, does anyone do things like this already?

Thanks for reading!